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Le Soleil De Boracay 2013

Le Soleil De Boracay 2013
That’s my mom and my kids ^_^

We spent our 4 days, 3 nights Boracay family summer getaway at Le Soleil De Boracay. We booked online and it was an easy one. As we searched online for possible hotels where we could stay in, we landed to their website. We browsed the site and then called their Makati Branch Office.

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Our Kids Are Growing and (I Think) It’s Getting Easier

We celebrated Mother’s Day at Island Cove and it was actually unplanned. We just learned that my SIL will be having their staycation there and hubby decided to go with them. So Friday night, hubby told me to pack our things and BIL will pick us up somewhere in Buendia the following morning to bring us to Island Cove since we don’t have a car.
I was caught between packing and working that night after the kids slept. Then, I made a quick inventory on my mind of what should I pack for the kids. Finally, I decided to work first. At 2am, I was going through my kids’ drawers and putting their clothes in.

Second Time to Fly

It’s more than a month since we had our Boracay family summer getaway  but I haven’t blog about it yet. Well allow me to post bits and pieces of that family vacation starting with my children’s second time experience to board an airplane. Their first experienced to fly was back in 2010 when our family went to Hong Kong. They were small children then and they barely remembered how it was to be up in the air.

WAHM Back from Vacation

Hello! My family and I were back from our vacation last Friday afternoon. We slept after we had our lunch and woke up at 5pm. We all felt energized after that and I even thought I could go back to work that night. But after we had our dinner and I laid beside the kids to put them to sleep, my eyes went heavy again and dozed off to sleep with them! Oh well, another night of absence from my work would not be that bad since I have my clients’ approval of my five days vacation.