Politics In the Eyes of The Young Generation

5 days to go before the National Election and candidate’s jingles and commercials are rampantly being played over radio stations and in between tv programs. We laughed hard last night when my mom told us about my eldest son’s reaction everytime he will see Vilma endorsing Noynoy as his president. Ciren will say “Asus!”, when asked why he said that, he will say “ayoko kay Noynoy, gusto ko kay Erap” (I don’t like Noynoy, I like Erap). My mom then told him that she don’t like Erap but he will insist that when he grows up he will vote him (as if Erap will still be alive by that time lol!).
My son and daughter will laughed out loud whenever they see Jinggoy’s commercial where faces of his supporters constantly change from one person to another. They almost memorized each and every jingle of Manong Johnny, Binay, Bong Revilla (otso-otso) and of course the chart topper Villar’s jingle (admit it, you have also hummed to that tune one way or another). Even my little Cien  stop what she’s doing and look straight at the tv whenever she hears any candidates’ political ads.
Political candidates through their political ads really made a great impact over the young children’s minds. Let’s just hope that whoever wins, will make our country a much better place to live for our kids’ generation.

Why Is It Fun Shopping at Divisoria?

Hubby and I went to Divisoria yesterday with nothing on our minds to buy. We just thought of walking around there and buy anything that we may fancy about. We left the house before 8:00 am and told our kids that we have to go work (it’s a Monday but Malacañang declared it as a holiday in connection with Labor Day held last May 01) and that they have to stay for a while at their Mommy Lola’s place. But as usual, our ever witty Ciren and Erin protested and asked “If you are going to work, then why is Daddy on his shorts and where is your bag Mommy?”. Ooops! We’re not prepared for that questioning so we just said our usual lines to them “We’re late for work, we have to go”. then kissed the three of them and went out telling ourselves that we’ll make up to them when we return.
Before 9:00am we were already at 168 Mall and doing our rounds in each and every stall. We decided to look for lunch box for both Ciren and Erin since their Mommy Lola said that it will be much easier for the kids if they have their water container and other food stuff in one bag. Just like this one:
Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything like it but instead most of the lunch kits that we saw were separate food and water containers (with different characters on it) placed in bag-like paper cloth like this one.

Guess that’s the latest trend this school year instead of the traditional lunch kits that we knew however we’re both sure that malls still have those kinds.

So, we decided to buy their lunch kits at the mall instead. We walk and walk and finally got to buy stuff for the kiddos and here they are:
1 set of panties for Erin
1 set of briefs for Ciren.
2 pairs of slippers for both of them
3 leggings for Erin
For myself I got these:
2 pcs. of blouses (with that shimmering, shiny thingy)
1 spongebob body bag (aww! the kiddie side of me striked again!)
2 pairs of sandals (I gave the purple one for my mom)
1 purple cellphone holder
For hubby (I urged him to buy something for himself, in my other blog you’ll see how brand-a-holic hubby is)
1 shorts
1 pair of slippers
another pair of slippers (Quicksilver)
(haven’t done with the pictures yet, will post them as soon as I have them transferred from my cam to my lappy)
There were lots of nice shirts for him but as usual he made so many side comments with regards to its materials, its designs etc. Actually, I’m used to it and the bottomline is, he don’t want to buy any of them because they are not original or that they don’t have a brand, and will just buy from the mall. hayzz..
Guess how much I shell out for all this goodies.. more or less I spent only  P1500! Wasn’t it great? We won’t be getting all of these for the same price if we shop at the mall.
Hmm.. made me wonder, why is it so much cheaper to shop in Divisoria than in malls?
  • you’ll get big discounts if you buy goods in bulk
  • vendors pay less for their sales lady unlike those who are inside the malls
  • their items came directly from their suppliers
  • some of the goodies are just brand imitations
  • the competition is tough since vendors have similar products to offer side by side
These are just few things that I can think of why Divisoria is known for cheap items. In terms of fashion, you can still be an icon even if you buy clothes from here, after all it depends on how a person carry herself and it doesn’t matter whether she is wearing a branded clothes or not.(striked one for hubby)
For sure, Divisoria will be jammed pack again before the school year starts so better do your shopping as early as this month for your kids’ school things.
By the way, we were back home at 12:00noon, just in time for the kid’s siesta and they were all giddy with the “pasalubongs” we had for them.


My Cien’s New Sleeping Buddy

Remember my recent post about my youngest daughter’s biting habit? Well, thank God she ceased doing it all through out this weekend. After continuously applying Xylogel and Daktarin Oral Gel to her gums to sooth her teething, she finally spared my nipples from her sharp teeth. =)
During the times that I refused to nurse her and let her feed from the bottle with my expressed milk, her bed time changed because she can’t sleep without nursing from me. Then after her brother gave a box of oral gel for her to play with, she lied down on her side and after a while, she’s past asleep. For three days, that box became her sleeping buddy.=)
I wasn’t able to take a picture of her on the first night.
2nd night with her Sleeping Buddy (Daktarin Oral Gel Box)
 3rd night with her Sleeping Buddy =)
My Cien-Cien


What’s the Oldest Message In Your Inbox?

Hubby and I recently had a LQ misunderstanding. We exchanged mean text messages while we were both at work. While waiting for his reply, I browsed my phone’s inbox to prevent me from sending another “drop dead lines” to him. I stumbled upon this one:
It was the oldest message on my phone, almost 5 years ago, and it came from my husband, a day before his birthday and when we were barely two weeks on the bf/gf stage. It made me recall those days when it was just the two of us. His office was just in front of my workplace and it’s a usual scene for my boss, officemates and his colleagues, to see him crossing the street just to bring me snacks (ang haba ng hair ko no?). He will call me on the phone couple of times within one day just to ask what am I doing when my obvious answer was “I’m working of course”. We don’t go out during weekdays that’s why we spent more time on the phone when at work and at home. Sunday was our usual date.=)
A beep made me snapped out of my nostalgia mode and it was a text from him saying “Duday, bati na tayo ha!Kita tayo sa dating tagpuan”. (Too bad I erased the message). It has been our words of endearment from the day we got married until now that we have our three kids. From “Baby” to Buknoy and Duday.. not so mushy and yet there’s more love and affection expressed through those names.
” A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences”.
Dave Meurer, “Daze of Our Wives”
With this quote let me end this post by sharing you my reply to hubby’s text message, I texted him:
“Okay, libre mo ko dinner ha!” .. as simple as that. We may fight over the biggest or smallest issues in our life as husband and wife, but glad that we always exert much effort to end it up together.So, do you have an old message in your phone  inbox too? Who is it from?=)

My Baby Bites!

photo source: New Moon Birth
I had a hard time last night putting my youngest daughter, Cien, to sleep. It has never been my problem because I’ve been breastfeeding her for almost 10 months now. She had her first tooth when she was about to turn five months and the other three teeth followed. Just this week, my mom told me that there seemed to be another tooth about to pop out. And last night, it was confirmed! Because as we lied on the bed and started our breastfeeding session, I felt the sharp thing scrape my breast and then she started biting off my nipple.Ouch! It really hurt I have to shook her off because she don’t want to let go. After that I told her that there should be no biting anymore or else no milk for her. My baby just giggled and pulled me over to her and attempted to nurse on me again. She bit me more than three times and then I said that’s it. She should have her expressed milk  in a bottle. But she just push the bottle and cried. I even tried to give her pacifier but to no avail.
I don’t want to wean her yet and I even told hubby that I want to breastfeed her until she turns two. But with her habit of biting, will I be able to take it for another year?
She fell asleep around 10pm, way too late than her usual bed time. Maybe she really got hungry that she finally accepted the bottle that she refused at first. She made herself busy with her Xylogel box and the next thing I knew, she was dropping her head from her pillow, the baby was finally asleep!
Because of that catastrophe last night, I googled every possible ways to cease her biting habit. For those mom’s who are in the same dilemma as mine, maybe this could help:
  • Constant biting may cause breast infection, so allow your nipples to heal.
  • Let your nipples open for sometime after feeding so that they can dry in air.
  • Breast milk has wonderful natural healing properties of breast milk, so massaging a few drops of your onto your nipples several times a day can help.
  • Apply a pure lanolin ointment on your nipples frequently.
  • To make your baby stop biting, yell as if in pain and suddenly push his mouth away from the nipple, as soon as the child bites, so that the child can know from your reaction that biting hurts and not to do it again. Some babies are too sensitive and may get so shocked from yanking that they may not nurse or breastfeed for a while but even, they need to learn the nursing manners. –DONE
  • A breastfeeding journal can help you in figuring out what makes your child bite you, for example, hunger or sleep.
  • Some babies bite if they are too hungry, out of eagerness to satiate their hunger. In such cases, feed them more often.
  • As the child starts clamping his or her teeth on your nipples, craw him so close to your heart that the child’s nose gets covered. It will force the infant to open his mouth and breathe and stop biting. —DONE
  • You may also insert a finger in baby’s mouth and do not allow him or her to clamp the teeth by prying the jaws apart. –DONE
  • You may push baby’s lower jaw using your index finger for babies who have tight mouths and chomp on breasts. –-DONE
  • If the child persistently bites, stop nursing him or her as soon as soon as he or she starts biting for sometime.
  • Many children bite at the end of feeding, as ‘comfort sucking’. So, near the end, you may give frozen teething rings, bananas, and cold washcloths to your baby as teethers.
  • You may also need to use a nipple shield for a few days until your child stops biting
I’m not yet ready to wean my little Cien yet, so hopefully this tips will work on both of us. I’m more than willing to hear other tips from mommies out there so if you have one, drop me a line will ‘ya?
My Little Biting Baby CIEN RILEY on her 10th month


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