Not a Very Good Monday:(

I thought today was a good one, because my few online tasks were paid today and there was another job opportunity offered to me by my regular client. But come late afternoon, when my mom and my  two daughters got inside our house to have snacks with me, my daughter Erin girl (we love calling her like that), had an accident right in front of our house. I was asking her how her school was and she just walked away from me and my mom and headed to the door. She said she will play outside with her cousins. In just a few seconds, we heard a loud noise from the outside and my mom hurriedly went outside. There she was on the floor then my mom picked her up and asked what happened to her. And then my mom hurriedly called me as she saw blood dripping down her forehead. I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do (oh I hate blood!). My mom kept on stopping the blood by covering her forehead with her hands. She bumped into our gate, when she forcefully opened it, it swung back at her. My mom told me to get a towel, but with my shivering hand I only grabbed one of her brother’s white shorts and covered up her wounded forehead. Good thing my brothers were at home today and they helped us get a cab to bring her to the nearby clinic. On our way, I called up my husband and told him what happened. He said he will be on his way home. While we were travelling, my daughter kept on crying but I told her that everything will be alright. I told her stories to distract her. Good thing she ride on to my story until we reached the clinic.
The nurse asked what happened and then looked at her wound. It was a small but deep cut according to her and that it has to be stitched. (poor Erin girl). The doctor asked few questions again and then she said to my daughter that it will only hurt a bit. We lay her down to bed and the nurses wrapped her in a blanket just in case she will fight back if the stitching starts. But  my brave Erin girl, did  not cried a bit, upon injecting the anesthesia up to the actual stitching. Good thing two stitches are enough to stop the bleeding. After that she was given an anti tetanus shot and gave us her medications for pain and infection. She was all up and bubbly again, telling me and my mom to go to Jolibee after that. But we said we will just order by phone because her dress was still stained with blood. Upon returning home, all our relatives and neighbors were there waiting for us. Hubby came in later and hugged her “princess”. To console her they went out and bought her a toy in the nearby toy.
And now, she was fast asleep as I finished some online assignments. I can hear her cry a little and then fall asleep again. I’ll definitely won’t stay up until wee hours (like I used to do) because I want to be with her whenever she cries because for sure, her wound would hurt even as she sleeps.

I hope she will feel better tomorrow.

By the way, it’s not her birthday today, I just grabbed her picture on my other blog just to show you how my princess looks like:)


Quickie Post

I wasn’t able to update my blogs, especially this one (with the continuation of our HK trip wherein I know some of my frequent visitors here are all waiting). I got a pile of online task to finish (thanks Bro!) and an unexpected thing happened because of the storm Basyang. But then I’m still thankful that it was not that bad unlike with Ondoy, however, that long brownout caused too much delays on my deadlines and here I am now, cramming. (but honestly speaking I think I’m more productive when I cram, see, I was able to post this one). Hubby cannot take another night without electricity so he brought us again in Hotel Sogo (I blogged about our first experience in that hotel and if you are interested feel free to drop by here).The kids felt relieved when they knew that we will not sleep at our house and that they can watch TV once we get there. Upon arrival at Hotel Sogo, near Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, we were greeted by I think 3 or 4 families like us and with their kids too. We got our number and waited inside the lobby for an available room. Good thing the room that we got has two double beds, mom occupied the other one with my son and daughter while me, hubby and our baby shared on the other bed. After the kids took their shower, they went to bed and watch TV. They were not able to finish what they are watching because they already fell asleep. (probably because they didn’t got a good night sleep last night because of the brownout and they also did not got their afternoon nap).

We had our breakfast at Tropical Hut and after that hubby went his way to his office while me, my mom and the kids went home. The weather today was delightful, as if nothing happened and most of all, the electricity is back!
* * *



Don’t Let Immobility Stops You

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a friend living in the US who wants to bring her mom with her. The only thing that prevents her from doing so is her disability to walk. Her mom lost her legs a year ago when she had an accident on the road. Despite of that tragic event, she can still feel her mom’s passion about driving, being able to hit the road to do errands or by just simply cruising around the town. She hates being stuck inside their home that’s why the option of getting a handicap van specifically made for disabled people is now her major concern.
She then stumbled upon this non-profit trade association named NMEDA. IT DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING: NMEDA is the only association that promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people. They are non-profit and their members are required to adhere to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NMEDA dealers (members) are the ones who sell handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people.
By the way, NMEDA has Dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. It is based on the principle that in order to satisfy customers consistently, companies must have a systematic and documented approach to quality.
My friend is willing to become her mom’s personal caregiver, however, she knew from the start how tough it will be to assist her mom in transporting her from a wheelchair or scooter. To have the proper equipment is her priority now to prevent her mom from any injury. Good thing NMEDA has qualified dealer that can assist them with this issue.
I told her she should have it right then and there and plan activities for the two of them when her mom arrives. If you happen to be looking for the same product for your friend or loved ones, you can check out NMEDA’s site, and see if there is also a qualified dealer near you by simply typing your ZIP CODE.
Visit my sponsor: NMEDA


The Fun Had Just Begun!

We were a bit surprised when despite of our advanced reservation in Disney Hollywood Hotel by our travel agent here in the Philippines, we still got to wait until 2pm before we got a room. We have checked in few hotel and resorts in our country and they were not that strict in terms of their check-in and check-out time unlike in Hong Kong. (Anyway, our travel agent told us about how strict they are in terms of time).
There were plenty of other guests inside the lobby (mostly Indians), waiting like us. So we had our lunch first at Chef Mickey.
Finally, when hubby went back to the guest service officer at 1pm (after we had our lunch), he said there was already a room for us. Yes!

 Finally! Room 7740

We were all eager to get inside our room and so the moment we stepped inside and saw those two beds, we all jumped in and laid flat on our backs.

 rest.. rest.. rest..
The kids enjoyed jumping up and down the bed and toyed on everything they saw inside the room

We unpacked some of our things; changed clothes then took a rest for just an hour. After that we went down for a free ride in the hotel’s shuttle service going to Disneyland (Finally the main event!)

 Inside the elevator, going down the lobby
We traveled for around fifteen minutes I think and when the bus stopped, the kids immediately wanted to step down. Actually, hubby and I wanted to do the same as we can’t take anymore the smell of some of our co-passengers. As we stepped down, we saw that it was still a long walk before we get to the main entrance. We didn’t bring my youngest daughter’s stroller because I knew there are available strollers for rent inside the park. By the way, we purchased our Disneyland Park Ticket at the guest service of Disney Hollywood Hotel when we checked in.

I couldn’t describe how much fun the kids had during our stay inside the park so I’ll just share with you some of our pictures.

On our way to Disneyland through the Hotel’s Shuttle Service 
Long walk before reaching the main entrance of the park
View from the inside of Disneyland HK
Rainy Day Theme Parade (my son doesn’t care if he gets wet as long as he sees all of the characters in the parade)
Snack Time!(hubby’s hand with plastic gloves courtesy of the food attendant in the park)
Inside a souvenir shop (see their funny hats?cute huh!)
Bye Disneyland!:(
Our kids were all tired and exhausted so we decided to leave the park at around 6pm. (I know we missed one memorable part of visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, the Fireworks Display). Maybe next time *wink*


Wounded and Healed

Another break from you know what:)

My daughter, Erin, loves to run here and there. Her dad and I sometimes think she is a “tomboy” because she loves to play boyish stuff like her brother. Sometimes, when her brother is already at home watching TV, we have to look for her outside because she’s probably still playing hide and seek, with her playmates or just simply running around our compound. When we hear her loud cry from outside, we knew from then, she tripped again and scraped her knees just like what happened a while ago.
See those scrapes?
Good thing I always have this at home..
Apollo Petroluem Jelly
After washing her wounded knee, I immediately put a little petrolouem jelly on it because we believe that it helps in healing those wounds. Petroluem jelly or soft paraffin is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons originally promoted as a topical ointment for its healing properties.
Its folkloric medicinal value as a “cure-all” has since been limited by better scientific understanding of appropriate and inappropriate uses. However, it is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an approved over-the-counter (OTC) skin protectant and remains widely used in cosmetic skin care.

Petroleum jelly can be used for the following:

  • As a softener for cuticles.
  • Can be a treatment for chapped lips.
  • Sometimes spread on the teeth of  beauty pageant contestants in order to prevent their lipstick from sticking to their teeth.
  • As a fire starter on camping trips. Coat a cotton ball with it and light.
  • It was also recommended by Porsche in the owner’s manual of their cars as a preservative for light alloy anodizedFuchs wheels to protect them against corrosion from road salts and brake dust. “Every three months (after regular cleaning) the wheels should be coated with petroleum jelly.

source: Wikipedia

After crying out loud..(maybe for psychological reason) she said her wounds were all gone in an instant=)


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