Video:Empire State of Mind (New York) My Cien’s Version

I just want to share my youngest daughter’s video while she sings her own version of Empire State of Mind or most popularly known as New York by Jay Z and Alicia Keys. I posted this on my Facebook account the other day and I received pm’s, comments and likes so I decided to share it also to my readers (are there any?lol!)
Well, anyway, here it is.. enjoy! Feel free to give comments, suggestions and even violent reactions will do as long as you will give it out in a gentle way 🙂


Yes, I Do Have a Son!

Yes, I do have a son:) It’s just that I barely post pictures of him or blog about him unlike his two sisters for reasons I don’t know. But hey, it’s not that I’m not proud of him or I love him less compared to his sisters. Well, I don’t have to explain further because the spotlight is on him now.
At first you would think he is the snob type,
but he is not..
Let me give you some interesting facts about my son:
1. He got his first name from his Dad, but only if you would read it backwards. His name is CireN
2. I had an easy delivery with him five years ago. Stayed for only half an hour in the delivery room and he was out!
3. He was seen and held by my Dad for just three weeks because he died less than a month after I gave birth.
4. He is now in Kinder and he is doing well in school, in fact at five, he can read already.
5. He is more matured than other kids his age. He really played the part of being Kuya to his two sisters.
6. He is not fond of toy car.
7. At his age, he choose his own clothes to wear.
8. He loves Rebisco Choco biscuits!
9. He’s my mom’s favorite grandchild (unang apo kasi)
10. At five he already has a light mustache (got this genes from my hub’s dad)
11. He loves watching movies and he can understand it even if it is an English movie. He remembered the names of the character, soundtracks and some lines even if he watched it only once.
12. His favorite actor is Josh Hutcherson (he watched several of his movies starting from his toddler years up to now, the last film he watched was Journey to the Center of the Earth).
13. He likes Ben10.
14. He writes with his left hand.
he’s sweet, playful and friendly 🙂
… Oh there are lot more about my son! This year, I promise I will blog about my children on equal frequency.


From Barney to Barbie

My daughter now loves Barbie instead of Barney (they rhymed right? cute!). Well, at least she has a heiress for her Barney CD collections and she is non-other than Cien, her little sister.
Time fly really fast, my daughter who used to sing Barney songs like “I Love You” now hums with the tune of Justin Bieber song Baby and JZ and Alicia Keys’ New York and many other modern songs.
Her Barbie cartoons preferences also evolved from her fairy tale princesses’ roles to modern and hip chic. My daughter’s latest Barbie CD is entitled Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, where she played as a popular surfing girl and lives in Malibu together with her grandpa and two surfing girl friends. The highlight of the story was when her hair suddenly turned pink while she was in a surfing competition and found out that she was actually a mermaid’s daughter. It was a nice cartoon movie and your little girls will surely love it just like my Erin especially when you hear the song “Queen of the Wave”.
Barbie Cartoon Movies in CDs
I’m also proud of my daughter because at her age she knows how to take care of her CD collections. After watching, she will immediately ask for its jewel case and put the disk back inside. By end of March, she will turn four and I can imagine now that she will be a neat and organized girl when she grows up.


When Do You Call Yourself a Super Mom?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

For me, I become one whenever I’m doing multiple tasks at home. My weekends usually goes this way: I will bathe my three kids, let the two toddlers play outside while I put my youngest daughter to sleep. It will take few hours especially when she is in a bad mood, like when she is having another painful diaper rash. She wouldn’t want to be left on her bed and will just cling on me most of the time because her butt hurts. That’s why I make it a point to always have a diaper rash cream in our home. After bathing my youngest daughter, with or without diaper rash I will apply the cream on her. My husband would always say that I’m paranoid when I do that, but I will say, better to be safe than sorry.

My friend in Germany actually agreed on me as she also do this with her two sons. She uses Boudreaux’s Butt Paste as recommended by her children’s Pediatrician. Funny but she even told me that the doctor even discussed with her that Boudreaux’s Butt Paste contains 16% Zinc Oxide and Peruvian Balsam. Though these are alien words for her, she just said that as long as it goes on and cleans off easily and will treat diaper rash and other skin irritations then by all means she would buy lots of it. With that I jokingly told her that maybe she could send one Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to me. She agreed because according to her, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is giving away free samples as of the moment and she will be glad if I could try this on with my kids. (Maybe you could also check out their site and be one of the lucky sample recipients) I got excited with that idea especially when I remembered seeing this brand in one of the Oprah Show and in People Magazine.

That conversion was actually several months now and I got what she promised when her mom came back here after visiting her in Germany. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is really different from the one I used before as it has a pleasant scent and my children would often say it smells like lotion or cologne. I bring it everywhere we go as it comes in a handy travel size with flip top caps. Danke schön again my friend for this gift!

Oh well, me and my big mouth I almost go way out of my intended topic. So there, after taking care of the kids, I will start doing my laundry while I check my emails and if no one will disturb me, I will sneak a quick post on my blog. Lunch with my mom’s place should follow, do the dishes then put the two toddlers to sleep while I play with Cien. Around four or five in the afternoon, when the kids wake up, I will clean up the house before hubby gets home. Sometimes, I cook dinner (just fried dishes) but mostly it will be another dinner with my mom’s place with my given budget of course. After dinner, I will fix the kids and prepare them for bed. When they all dozed off to sleep and so as hubby, I will be in front of my laptop again and stay up until 2 or 3am to do my online tasks. That’s when I consider myself as a Super Mom.. how about you? When do you become a Super?

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This Is Why We Are Always In Heat

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.


It’s payday once again and as usual, we headed on to the grocery store to buy our bi-monthly stuff at home. I made it a point to list down all the things that we need so we can have a quick but concise shopping time since we always bring along our two kids.

For me and my husband, one thing that can never be off our grocery list is a TABASCO® Original Red . Our meal time will never be complete without it no matter what’s on our dinner table especially if husband don’t feel like cooking sumptuous meal. From plain fried egg and ham, it seems to be our power-breakfast when we put TABASCO® Original Red on them. It’s just so different from other hot sauce that we tried as it is so much more than hot! It does not only add flavor to any kind of dish especially with pizzas. TABASCO® Original Red gives the right kick and enhances more our favorite pizza’s flavor making it more tangy and mouth watering.

We are also getting excited over the football season and the Super Bowl. In fact, hubby is currently experimenting on a kind of pizza that is way too different from the ones we usually order in known pizza parlor. He collects extra ordinary toppings just like what we saw at Pizza Perfected and of course, what can make it more outstanding from the rest is our TABASCO® Original Red . Gathering around with our friends and relatives while sharing slices of pizzas along with our favorite TABASCO® Original Red is what we call a game day tradition in our household.

Talking about friends and relatives, they normally ask me for some unique recipes whenever special occasions are just around the corner. They thought that since I almost stay 24/7 in front of my laptop, interacting with the worldwide web, I could suggest more information. Actually, I do found out a great site for simple ideas and recipes of foods that will surely be a hit for all. Drop by Game-Day Party Menu sometime and don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you did. I bet most of us are self-confessed pizza lover so I would also suggest having a peek at Pizza Perfected for endless possibilities of pizza recipes just like what my hubby did.

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