Life Lately

It seemed like yesterday when I wrote my first (and last) personal post on this blog last 2018.


To look back on the things that happen last year and write them down here will take me hours, so I might as well share it here in one-liners. I won’t promise, but I’ll do my best to make full blog posts on each of them.

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Ensuring Moving Home Isn’t Too Stressful For Your Children

Photo source: Pexels

Children, while energetic and curious, can sometimes be negatively affected by massive changes in life. They thrive on stability, routine, and comfort. For this reason, when something massive and unavoidable comes up such as a house move, they can feel relatively uncertain. The challenge of going through a move, especially if the new home is far away, as well as adapting to a new environment and school can be quite a worrying time for them, and give them that sense of uncertainty they might not respond to well. Continue reading Ensuring Moving Home Isn’t Too Stressful For Your Children

7 Design Ideas for a Filipino-Inspired Home

When we think about Filipino homes, the first thing that comes to mind is the Bahay Kubo”. This simple, humble and functional structure is a reflection of the Filipinos’ way of living in the old days. While some may view the Bahay Kubo as old-fashioned, many homeowners are finding ways to incorporate traditional elements into their homes and give them a modern twist. Here are 7 design ideas for a Filipino-inspired home. Continue reading 7 Design Ideas for a Filipino-Inspired Home

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