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The Mom behind this blog:

Hello, I’m Mai, a 34-year old mom to three wonderful breastfed kids ages 9, 7, and 5 and a wife to one (lol)! I am a graduate of BSBA Major in Management at Rizal Technological University and had been a corporate slave since I graduated in 2002. I love to read and express my thoughts in writing. I am also into arts and crafts and so when I learned about Digital Scrapbooking, I created my first blog named Scrapolous Mom of Three where I share my layouts with brief stories behind it. From there, my 2nd blog was born, My Mind’s Outburst, where I posted reviews about products, places, websites, events, and anything in between. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to maintain both of them so I decided to concentrate on one blog with topics dealing with marriage and parenting.


Hence, the rise of Story Book Mom.

Story Book Mom

Why Story Book Mom?


It was actually a song entitled “Story Book Girl” that my former boss would play more than 2 times in a day. Since I was thinking of a name for my 3rd blog, I decided why not change “girl” into “mom” because of the obvious reason that I am a mom.

A Dash of My Love Story:

I knew my husband in 2004 through a wrong sent text message. We’ve been exchanging SMS’s for quite some time before we knew that he accidentally got my number through our common friend. Another co-incidence (or is it fate?) was that my office is just right in front of his work place in Quezon City yet we haven’t seen each other.

Husband and Wife

We finally met in person after three weeks of texting and had our first date. Our civil wedding followed in 2005, and had our first child, a son, on the same year.


Daddy’s Girl Forever


In 2005, my dad died three weeks after I gave birth to his 1st grandchild. One thing so vivid in my memory  was him carrying my barely 3-weeks old son while he almost dozed off to sleep. People said my son replaced my Dad and he helped us all to coped up from our loss. Pardon me for including this heart-wrenching part of my life. It’s because I am a Daddy’s girl (being the only girl among my 4 siblings) and he will always be a part and source of inspiration for my every day endeavor as a family woman.

Meet our three rowdy kids:

Kids of Story Book Mom
Ciren King (9yo) serious, smart, and strict big brother
Heleina Erin (7yo) beauty and brain big sister , and
Cien Riley (5yo) comedian, loves to make funny faces, Mommy’s little girl


Before my son turned one, I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter. I had no idea how hard it was to take care of two children because I go to work every day with my husband while my Mom took care of our two kids. Then I learned that I am pregnant again with our 3rd child. I was worried that time on how I could divide my love and attention to 3 kids when I often see my son and daughter vying for my attention. I was afraid that I can’t be a competent mom of three. Thankfully, hubby and my Mom were there to give me comfort and assurance that we can both manage our growing family.


In between my 8am-6pm work and managing my family, it turned out that my passion in reading and writing essays way back during my school days had led me to my online career as a Freelance Writer (few years after that I also learned how to be an effective and efficient Social Media Marketing Specialist). It came to a point in time that I am no longer happy with my day time job and I was caught between quitting or not. In God’s grace, He WORKED THINGS OUT and with no regrets at all—I am now a Work-At-Home Mom!


Work Out Of Home Mom
Work Out Of Home Mom
Work At Home Mom
Work At Home Mom

Who would have thought that from being an anxious mom of three, I am now often called as Super Mommy and multitasking is my super power!


Feel free to flip the pages of my life as I juggle marriage, parenting, home living and my tales of passing 3 Mommy transformations: Work-Out-of-Home Mom (WOHM) to a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM) and now a Work-At-Home Mom (WAHM).


If you have anything to ask or just feel like dropping me a Hi and Hello, you can contact me at


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  1. Hello Mai! I have been searching endlessly on line for a stay at home job.. I came across a website that had a comment from you with a link to your website that said you could point moms in the right direction.. I have looked at your site and I must say what a beautiful family you have! I can’t seem to find any info. On how to find any jobs at home 🙁 Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place I don’t know? I work full time days and have 2 wonderful little girls but with no help it seems I just can’t afford everything.. I was searching for something in the evenings and on weekends and hoped maybe you could send me in the right direction? Thanks for reading this and any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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