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Adding Value to Your Life Without Overcomplicating It

Living a simple life is often underappreciated, especially if you’ve been busy for most of your life. Perhaps you’ve spent all your life’s energy on raising your children or maybe you’ve invested far too much time into a career that never really worked out. We all have dreams when we’re younger and exposed to the world, but many of us find that we need to eventually say goodbye to those dreams.

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Your Dream “Write My Dissertations” Will Come True

I have come a long way till I found the company that meets my personal requirements and delivers the service that I need. First, I tried to write a dissertation on my own, but due to the overwhelming number of other tasks, I could barely keep up with my studies. Then, I decided to complete only separate parts of my writing and delegate the rest to my student friends (regarding barter, of course). It worked for a while, but it appeared that I still struggled with the task because I couldn’t find reliable guides and tips on how to write a dissertation itself. And in the end, when I compiled all the chunks of the paper written by my friends and me, the puzzle didn’t piece together. That’s when I started to look up different academic writing services and eventually came across

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Volunteering: Encourage Your Kids To Be The Best They Can Be

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Volunteering is all about making the community a better place through our own efforts, so why not let your children participate too. The side effect? Your kids will have a kickstart in selflessness, compassion, generosity and kindness.

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Real Fairy-Tale Castles That Your Kids Will Love to Visit

They are not just in the cartoons and theme parks! These beautiful Disney castles do exist in reality! Where do you think Disney got an inspiration from?! Let us have a look at some of the amazing properties that provide an inspiration for those castles and palaces featured in both Disney’s movies and theme parks.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany


According to the castle’s website, this palace was opened to the public in 1886, which was 7 weeks after the death of Kind Ludwig II, and now receives as many tourists as 1.4 million per year. This castle has featured in a few movies and was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. After a trip to Europe, Walt Disney was totally inspired to build this Disney theme park castle. Continue reading Real Fairy-Tale Castles That Your Kids Will Love to Visit

Online Halloween Contest 2014

Tick-Tock! Tick Tock! Halloween is just a few days away and I bet most of you, parents, have several Halloween parties to attend to with your kiddos. But what about those who have no time to go out? Well, you don’t have to let this year pass without doing the traditional Trick or Treat!

Fourerr, the ONLY ONLINE MARKETPLACE that give rewards to their sellers and buyers is currently having a Monster Ball! And guess what? $100 Amazon Gift Certificate is up for grab for one lucky winner and three consolation prizes of $25 Amazon Gift Certificates! What are the mechanics? Very simple. You just have to guess the number of skulls in this jar and that’s it! You are already eligible to win those awesome prizes!

Fourerr Monster Ball

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