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Just a Heads Up

I know I have been MIA (missing in action) for quite sometime in my blogs. But I’m back and I’ve got more posts to come. I’ll be blabbing about our company department outing, of course our Mother’s Day celebration, a few notes about my online gigs and updates on my kiddos. Not yet done with photo watermarking so hope y’all get back on my nook.
Meanwhile, just to give you something interesting to look in this heads up post of mine, here’s the latest picture of my daughter Cien Riley who is celebrating her 11th monthsary today.
That’s how bad her hair is during early mornings.. (bad hair or not she still looks cute right?)


First Award for My 3rd Blog

Thanks to sis Hanna for this award!

Rules for this:

1. Post the logo on your Blog. Link back to the person who sent this to you.
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
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Just Another Blog to Promote

I have been contemplating long enough for this blog to materialize. Yes, I already got two, the Scrapolous Mom and My Mind’s Outburst, but with them, I am forced to limit my posting on one topic alone to keep up with the theme of the blog. So now, for Scrapolous Mom I intend to keep it exclusively for my Digital Scrapbooking (that’s the main reason why I put it up in the first place) and reviews will be kept on My Mind’s Outburst.
In this blog, I will post my usual rants and rave as I go on with my everyday life especially as a wife and a mom to my three angels. I also want to share some of my ordeals online like my few attempts in writing, building up a friendship with cyber moms like me and things that I will discover through the web.
Okay enough with the intros… it’s time to flip the pages of my life…