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Earthquake at South Island of New Zealand

Another unfortunate event.. an earthquake occured at New Zealand today. I just read from a friend’s Facebook page that she is dead worried about her husband who is currently on board in a ship near the country and said there are still some after shocks.
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake ripped through Christchurch, New Zealand, on Tuesday afternoon, causing multiple fatalities as it toppled buildings onto buses, buckled streets and damaged cathedrals, authorities said.
New Zealand Police announced on the agency’s website that a large-scale evacuation of the central city was under way. According to the news release, the earthquake killed an undetermined number of people at various locations around the city, including passengers on two buses crushed by buildings that had fallen on them.
TVNZ reported that the 147-year-old Christchurch Cathedral’s spire had toppled, Christchurch Hospital was being evacuated and the airport was closed.
Read the rest of the story here.

I Gotta’ Love Milk

I hate the tingling sensation I feel whenever I drink milk. But when I got pregnant with my eldest son, I was forced to drink Anmum milk as my OB’s advice. I can even remember how I tried to skip drinking it but I have no escape from my husband because before I can even think about it, he was already handing me a full glass. His sermons were still vivid in my ears until now, as if it was recorded in a digital voice recorder. I thought I’ll be over that dilemma but when I decided to breastfeed my eldest son, hubby insisted that I should drink milk regularly. And from then on up to this moment that I am still breastfeeding my youngest daughter (she’s one year and eight months), milk has become a staple drink for me. It’s a good thing that there are lots of ready to drink fresh milk in the market today unlike before where you have to the mixing of milk and sugar in a glass of warm or cold water with a stirrer to get the right blend of taste.


Blast from the Past

I remembered how my aunt’s house helper would suddenly cry while she’s doing her laundry. When asked, she would say she just got carried away from the old time radio program she listened to. Now I wonder if there are still people who would go for this kind of diversion. Old time radio program became popular during the old times when radio was invented. Special effects such as stampeding horses, thunderstorm, knock on the door and others were manually done by the people behind an old radio program. What the listener hears and how she imagine the scenes is how people became entertained during the old times. In this kind of medium, actors and actresses became more versatile when it comes to acting. Their actions and facial expressions were not important, as long as they can make their listeners relate to what they were trying to do in verbal forms.


Got an Unexpected Freebies from Nurture Network

Last Sunday my brother woke me up while my kids together with hubby and I were having our afternoon nap. He said there was a man looking for me. Hubby got up instead and went to see the man. When he got back he was holding this:

Progress Pre-School Gold Freebies from Nurture Network
Hubby said it was given by the man and just asked him to write his printed name and signature on the receiving form. While he was doing so, the man asked him if I sent text message to join the promo or sent email. Hubby said he had no idea and the man left.
I don’t remember any contest that I joined connected to Wyeth or Nurture Network so I just assumed that maybe they got my info in from the Internet since I own this Mommy blog. I have no plan though on giving this to my kids since they are into Lactum milk and with this small can, I might have problems if they will actually like it. (Lactum is cheaper than Progress I think). So, I said I’ll just give it to one of their cousin who is into Progress milk.
But today, after work, my mom came to our house holding another can of Progress milk! She said the man who delivered it is different from the first one who gave it. Whew! Christmas truly  means gift giving and sharing!
(2) Two Progress Pre-School Gold 
As of this writing, I browsed for Nurture Network’s website and tried to register as the flyer indicated. I did filled up the forms and registered myself. It was a parenting site and I think I will be lurking around there for some time as it seems to be helpful and informative for parents, especially moms like me.
Mom’s out there, try browsing Nurture Network too and who knows, you might be the next mom who will receive freebies from them:)