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How to Dress Kids for Winter

Because of their much smaller size, winter clothing is especially important for children. Technically, the reason that your little ones are so susceptible to cold weather is that they have a lot of areas through which to lose heat when compared to their volume. Basically, this means that temperature which seems mildly cool to you can be rather cold to them; if you need a sweater to brave the elements, then they likely need a coat. Continue reading How to Dress Kids for Winter

The Best Things to Buy in November

The most celebrated time of the year – for most people around the world – fast approaches in the months of November and December. Perhaps it’s because the fall and winter seasons bring people and families together for warmth, and lead resolutely into Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Get-togethers and shopping skyrocket in these months (see Black Friday for example), and it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize the things you want. Continue reading The Best Things to Buy in November

Winter Wardrobe Basics For Every Women

When it’s winter, most women are torn between keeping warm and remaining stylish! While your health is the first priority, you shouldn’t compromise on style and fashion. In this article, you’ll get some of the clothes that are both warm and elegant thus warding off diseases while making a strong fashion statement. Continue reading Winter Wardrobe Basics For Every Women

Online Shoppers Teamed Up with iPrice

Say goodbye to the cool breeze we’ve all enjoyed during the last few days of February because summer is definitely here and classes will soon end. For moms like me, I am sure our “Me Time” are bound to be shorten once again because the kids are most likely to be at home 24/7 for about two months! No more quick shopping to the malls while the kids are at school. Continue reading Online Shoppers Teamed Up with iPrice

My Online Shopping Experience Via Instagram

It was a sad news when Multiply completely shuts down. It was the first online shopping place that I knew and I had been a frequent shopper back then. I had my few trusted sellers and even built friendship with some of them. When I became a WAHM, I thought I could visit malls more often and do shopping since I have flexible time at work. Unfortunately, becoming a WAHM tied me more on my work and family that going out and buying stuff for myself becomes almost impossible.

There is no problem when we go out and buy things for the kids. Unfortunately, when it comes to me buying stuff for myself especially clothes or shoes where fittings are necessary and with three kids at tow plus a husband who has a very tiny amount of patience when it comes to waiting– I usually just drop the thing off. And that leaves me empty handed when we go shopping.