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How to Preserve Future Hand Me Down Items

The benefits of having two princesses in the family— hand me down clothes, shoes, toys and other girly stuff go straight to the little one. I am glad that my older daughter doesn’t mind giving away her stuff to her little sis when it doesn’t fit her anymore. On the other hand, my youngest accepts it wholeheartedly and even takes pride most of the time that what she’s wearing is from her big sissy.
Some people think that it’s a pity for the little one to have second hand items but I say it’s not. It’s the most practical thing to do. Of course, I still choose if big sissy’s dress or shoes still looks new or at least presentable enough for her little sister’s consumption. If it looked old and worn out, I pack them and give it to those less fortunate people who would usually knock on our door, saying they’ve been victims of flood or fire. Nothing goes to waste.
Here’s what you could do to preserve your kids’ clothes, shoes, toys and other stuff and make them look still new for their future heir/heiress:
1. Wash outgrown clothes and iron it before you store it in your closet. Make sure that stains are removed (if there’s any). Using a fabric conditioner will give it a fresh smell even after a long time of storage. In a few months, when it could already fit in to your little one, you could present it to him/her without guilt because it would still look new.
2. The same goes for shoes. Make sure that they are clean before putting it back inside the box. Check it once in a while because changes of weather could change the original state of your shoes. If it’s made of leather or chamois (gamuza), molds would most likely to appear especially if it’s a hot and humid summer.
3. For toys, make sure that you emptied those battery-operated ones before you store them for good or at least before the next owner plays with it. Stuff toys should be washed and if you could wrap them up perhaps with a plastic, then that would be much better.
I recently took out my children’s old stuff and they are all delighted to see them looked new again. My eldest son’s first and only biodegradable cutlery, which was a gift, was immediately grabbed by my little one. Another bequest for her!
Are you in favour of hand me down items for your kids or would you prefer buying new stuff?


Wall Frames

I guess I am not the only one who have tons of yet to be printed photos either inside a digital camera, laptop or both! Admit it, the culprit are those social media and other photo and video sharing sites. As for me, perfect shots of my family and my three kids should be printed and framed. Oh and speaking of frames, I’m very fond of black or and white picture frames like these:
Black or and White Wall Frames
I got these from different stores and in different prices. The two squared frames on top were on sale last Christmas and I got two for only Php199 along with the dinnerware that hubby bought last year. The big one at the middle was I think around Php300 while the smaller ones were around Php80 to Php90 each.
Wall frames are ideal rather than desk top frames especially for small-spaced home where desks or tables could only eat up precious space. I plan to buy more of these wall decorations anytime soon so hopefully they will still be on sale.


New Set of Dinnerware For Him

Before 2011 ends, hubby finally bought what he had been meaning to buy.. a new set of dinnerware!lol! As if it’s a big deal for a man huh?! Well, for my hubby, it is. Because if he will let me decide about to buy or not, he knew I would rather buy something else for our house rather than new plates and cutlery.
So here it is, our new dinnerware set:
New Set of Dinnerware from Home World
What’s funny about my hubby’s choice of dinnerware is that he wants those with unique shapes. Aside from the usual rounded plates, we had a set of square plates and mind you, they are heavy. We also got a set of egg-shaped plates, like those from Jollibee before and plates like what Greenwhich is using for their lasagna. And now, these,  not square, not round but “almost” triangle plates. They are thin and light and so far, I like it. Because no matter how many times I accidentally bump it to our dish dispenser, it never got a crack nor scratch. So that’s it. wish granted for hubby!:))

So Let There Be Light

I remembered how my dad would scold me when he saw me reading pocketbooks under a dim lampshade. He knew how poor lighting could affect someone’s eyesight. Well, those were the days.
Now that I have my own family and though we are still renting an apartment, hubby and I invested on lighting that looked like those quoizel lighting fixtures. Since we are the first tenant to occupy the place, upon the completion of the apartment, we personally chose the kind of lighting to be installed. Yes, we had different bulbs and lights from the other tenant when we moved in.We felt satisfied despite of the extra amount our landlord charged us. For hubby and me, a home should be well-lit all the time to attract good and positive vibes. Every corner of the house should be properly seen especially if you have kids who love to run around even before bedtime. And for vain members of the family, the bathroom should be bright too. This is were most vanity rituals take place and so quoizel bathroom lights would also be imperative.

It’s our goal to have our own home and when we finally have one, for sure investing on home light fixtures will be our number one priority.


Organized CD/DVD Collections

How I wish I have the patience and perseverance needed while downloading free movies from the Internet. Unfortunately even if I have them, there are still some glitch that I need to take into consideration before I opt in downloading instead of buying CD/DVD for our kids. For instance, I need to determine if my laptop’s memory can accommodate those downloads or do I still have to buy an extra hard drive for it. Although flash drives and other blank media would do, I wouldn’t want to add another expense on our list.
CD/DVD Shelf
As I mentioned before, we almost have dozens and dozens of CD/DVD collection and we couldn’t find the perfect CD rack for them. We did found one type that suited our taste but the problem was there’s no room for it anymore in the living room or even inside our room. So for our last resort, we had this shelf placed inside our room and voila! CDs and DVDs are now neatly arranged without the hassle of finding a spot for it. Shelves are actually best recommended for small-space home just like what we have.
The only problem was, my brother installed it a little higher than my reach so I would have to top three pillows on our bed just to get the CD/DVD that our children want to watch. Although there’s no hassle if hubby’s around because he’s taller than me. But at least our problem regarding these stuff were now solved!