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5 Simple Ways To Childproof Your Bathroom


When your kids are in the early stages of their lives, you need to make sure your bathroom is childproof. That doesn’t mean you can’t allow them in there, but there are a few things they need to stay away from. Otherwise, you’ll be putting their health at risk, especially if you’re not keeping a constant eye on them. There are hazardous chemicals in there, and the risk of drowning is a very real one. Let’s look at a few ways to keep them safe.

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Awesome Home Budgeting Tips And Tricks

Running a busy household takes a lot of organizing, preparation and planning. All those meals, school runs, and extracurricular activities keep most Moms super busy. But it’s when you’re busy that some things can get pushed to the side and forgotten about. Prioritizing your task load each day is a regular challenge. Sometimes something slips and that important bill doesn’t get paid, or you forget to wash the kids’ football kits in time. A home budget can help you stay on track financially.

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Children’s Costume for Nutrition Month

My kids and I were busy reviewing for their Unit Test the other day when I heard someone calling my name outside. I looked out and saw a familiar face. He was the father of my daughter’s friend and classmate in daycare. He was also an active parent way back during my daughter’s daycare days and he was just one of the few parents I mingled with during that time.
The reason why he paid us a visit was to borrow my daughter’s tomato costume she used two years ago during their Nutrition Month in daycare. It was only then that I remembered about Nutrition Month. After my kids’ exams this week, they will also celebrate the same event at their school. There are no advise yet on what they would do during the celebration but it was entitled “Healthy Lifestyle Presentation”.

DIY Home-Office for Small-Spaced Homes

I finally found my “own corner” in our home. As a Work-At-Home Mom for quite some time now, I have always wanted to have my own work space. My family and I are living in a small apartment and I find it really hard to find a spot where I can work. I am a self-confessed night-owl and so I normally work at night, when my three kids and hubby are asleep. When school started last June, I was able to manage my time and work a little during the afternoon after my kids went off to school and my youngest daughter is having her afternoon nap which usually lasts up to 2-3 hours. And that would mean a lot of working hours for me. 

Craft Work: Quick DIY Medal Frame

As soon as summer vacation started, our inflatable pool served its purpose to the maximum level. It was placed in front of our house for days and my kids invited their cousins and playmates to have a dip with them. Since my mom was there to look after the kiddos, I had time to craft!
It’s been ages since I made my hands worked on something artistic. Yes, I love DIY arts and crafts! I remembered doing my 2nd daughter’s invitations and souvenir give away for her 1st birthday. Ah, those were the days when I only have two kids to take care of.