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Quickie Post

I wasn’t able to update my blogs, especially this one (with the continuation of our HK trip wherein I know some of my frequent visitors here are all waiting). I got a pile of online task to finish (thanks Bro!) and an unexpected thing happened because of the storm Basyang. But then I’m still thankful that it was not that bad unlike with Ondoy, however, that long brownout caused too much delays on my deadlines and here I am now, cramming. (but honestly speaking I think I’m more productive when I cram, see, I was able to post this one). Hubby cannot take another night without electricity so he brought us again in Hotel Sogo (I blogged about our first experience in that hotel and if you are interested feel free to drop by here).The kids felt relieved when they knew that we will not sleep at our house and that they can watch TV once we get there. Upon arrival at Hotel Sogo, near Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, we were greeted by I think 3 or 4 families like us and with their kids too. We got our number and waited inside the lobby for an available room. Good thing the room that we got has two double beds, mom occupied the other one with my son and daughter while me, hubby and our baby shared on the other bed. After the kids took their shower, they went to bed and watch TV. They were not able to finish what they are watching because they already fell asleep. (probably because they didn’t got a good night sleep last night because of the brownout and they also did not got their afternoon nap).

We had our breakfast at Tropical Hut and after that hubby went his way to his office while me, my mom and the kids went home. The weather today was delightful, as if nothing happened and most of all, the electricity is back!
* * *



The Fun Had Just Begun!

We were a bit surprised when despite of our advanced reservation in Disney Hollywood Hotel by our travel agent here in the Philippines, we still got to wait until 2pm before we got a room. We have checked in few hotel and resorts in our country and they were not that strict in terms of their check-in and check-out time unlike in Hong Kong. (Anyway, our travel agent told us about how strict they are in terms of time).
There were plenty of other guests inside the lobby (mostly Indians), waiting like us. So we had our lunch first at Chef Mickey.
Finally, when hubby went back to the guest service officer at 1pm (after we had our lunch), he said there was already a room for us. Yes!

 Finally! Room 7740

We were all eager to get inside our room and so the moment we stepped inside and saw those two beds, we all jumped in and laid flat on our backs.

 rest.. rest.. rest..
The kids enjoyed jumping up and down the bed and toyed on everything they saw inside the room

We unpacked some of our things; changed clothes then took a rest for just an hour. After that we went down for a free ride in the hotel’s shuttle service going to Disneyland (Finally the main event!)

 Inside the elevator, going down the lobby
We traveled for around fifteen minutes I think and when the bus stopped, the kids immediately wanted to step down. Actually, hubby and I wanted to do the same as we can’t take anymore the smell of some of our co-passengers. As we stepped down, we saw that it was still a long walk before we get to the main entrance. We didn’t bring my youngest daughter’s stroller because I knew there are available strollers for rent inside the park. By the way, we purchased our Disneyland Park Ticket at the guest service of Disney Hollywood Hotel when we checked in.

I couldn’t describe how much fun the kids had during our stay inside the park so I’ll just share with you some of our pictures.

On our way to Disneyland through the Hotel’s Shuttle Service 
Long walk before reaching the main entrance of the park
View from the inside of Disneyland HK
Rainy Day Theme Parade (my son doesn’t care if he gets wet as long as he sees all of the characters in the parade)
Snack Time!(hubby’s hand with plastic gloves courtesy of the food attendant in the park)
Inside a souvenir shop (see their funny hats?cute huh!)
Bye Disneyland!:(
Our kids were all tired and exhausted so we decided to leave the park at around 6pm. (I know we missed one memorable part of visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, the Fireworks Display). Maybe next time *wink*


Take A Look Outside Disney Hollywood Hotel

We were all tired and hungry when we reached Disney Hollywood Hotel. We went inside the lobby (leaving our baggage to the usher who greeted us from the main entrance) and there we saw lot of guests (more of them were family of Indians). Hubby went to the Guest Services Counter and showed our reservation voucher given by our travel agent. To our dismay, the  CSR told us that check in time will be 2pm (we arrived there around 11am). Hubby asked if there was no other way we can get a room right at that moment because we have an infant with us. He said sorry because all the rooms were up for cleaning and will be available by 2pm. With no further adieu, we just look around the hotel’s amenities and had some few photo ops.
Inside the lobby while waiting for an available room
Park outside the hotel
Cute Mickey Mouse-shaped bench
They love it here!
Posing beside the Limo
Happy that Mom was with us
Can you see Mickey Mouse’s head?
The park was so neat and clean
Going back inside the hotel, time for lunch!
We then went back after less than an hour of strolling outside then head on to Chef Mickey’s Restaurant to have lunch.
* * *


Arrival at Hong Kong Int’l. Airport

inside the train going to HK Immigration Booth
So there, after almost two hours up in the air, we finally stepped in at Hong Kong International Airport. I had a month of preparation and would you believe I even watched tutorials on YouTube on what should we do upon arriving at HKIA? I don’t want it to be obvious from the other passengers that we were first timers so I went to different forums and sites that talk about HongKong. Hubby let me do that task and his only participation was to pay for anything if there is the need (tickets, tip, fees etc).
In line while waiting for our turn (at her back was my son looking through HK maps on his hands)
The night before our flight, Hubby asked me if I already know how will it be when we reached HK, I said yes, I watched several tutorials I said. From getting out of the plane, to the Immigration, to Baggage Claim and lastly, in finding the booth of our travel agency that will escort us to Disney Hollywood Hotel.
at the HKIA lobby, waiting for the other guests who will be with us in the shuttle going to DHH
The thing was, when we went outside the plane, we were greeted by lots of passengers exiting from different flights. With the kids tagging along with me and my mom, I couldn’t concentrate enough to think of where we should be going. I told hubby that we should just follow the crowd. The problem was, the fellow Pinoys who were with us also don’t know where to go. I told hubby we should look for the Immigration first before claiming our bags. We just followed the arrow signs pointing to the Immigration. When it points to the escalators going down, we followed. Then we got confused when we saw a train down there. “Do we have to ride in there?” hubby asked me. I said I don’t know, there was no train mentioned in the videos that I watched. But then I said, “let’s just follow the signs”. Even those other Pinoys were in doubt if they should jumped in too. I said, we better try it and just go back if we got lost.
Our kids were all hungry and thirsty so Hubby grabbed some snacks in one of the store inside the airport
We did the right thing to do! For about five minutes or less, we stepped out of the train and saw again the arrow sign going up the escalator then points to the Immigration. But I’m still not familiar with what I saw, then an airport assistant saw us and led us to the left side when the Pinoys who were with us went on the right. Upon reaching the Immigration booth, Hubby and I were in doubt because most of the people who were in line seemed to be residents of HK. I said, I think we went the wrong way. We went back and went on the other side and there it was, the Immigration booth for visitors and other Pinoys were there too. We felt relieved and fall in line.

I don’t know if there was such a thing, a separate booth for visitors and residents of HK, but mom and I suspected that maybe the airport assistant, upon seeing my husband, chinky eyed and looked  somehow like them, thought we were residents of HK that’s why he pointed us to the opposite direction.

While waiting for our turn, the kids picked up maps and brochures of HK that were all over the airport. It was our turn finally! Hubby gave the officer our passports (he didn’t look friendly at all actually). He looked at us one by one and checked our passports. My eldest son kept on walking and didn’t saw that he was going beyond the booth. The officer said something in their language (and I know from his tone that it is not good) so I immediately grabbed my son and husband said sorry for that. He then let us pass and we went down again to claim our baggage. After that, we went out and there it was, the familiar look of the arrival hall (just exactly what I saw in Youtube). We continued to walk until we reached the travel agency booth and the representative greeted us. He said we will just wait for another passenger then he will bring us to the hotel. We waited for 10 minutes but the guests that were supposed to be with us didn’t showed up so we went out and the travel agent, named Robert, escorted us to the shuttle going to Disney Hollywood Hotel.

 Poor Mom, tired and exhausted when we finally got inside the Shuttle
* * *


Airport Booboo

I just want to share this booboo that happened to us when we were still at the NAIA Terminal 3 on our way to Hong Kong. Hubby was the one who kept our passports and other traveling documents on his hand .Since we got there much early, we were not yet allowed to check in our baggage so Hubby went to the travel tax payment booth first. He had six passports on hand, for the 3 kids, my mom, my passport and his own. When he finished in that counter, he went back to us and ate our breakfast that we bought at Mcdo Drive-through outside. When it was time to check in our baggage, we all stood up from our seats and headed towards the check-in counter. There was an attendant who checked our passports and e-ticket before we get in. He was friendly and even joked our kids if he can come with us to see Mickey Mouse.
While waiting for our turn, I asked hubby if all our passports were secure on his bag. He said yes, and looked inside his bag and counted them in front of me. 1,2,3,4 and 5.. wait a minute I said. Did you say five?! He was supposed to be handling six passports. He checked again, and it was confirmed, only five were on his hands. Guess who’s passport was missing.. It was my youngest daughter.. the birthday celebrant.. the main reason why we are going to HK! Hubby went back to the attendant and asked if he forgot to give back one passport, he said there was nothing left on his hand. He went back to the travel tax payment booth, and excuse himself to the people who were all in line.
And there it was, my Cien’s passport was indeed left on that counter! What a relief! I scolded hubby but his face looked really stressed because of that incident and  I pitied him  instead.
While we were all inside the plane, seated comfortably, we  would laugh and talked about what if Cien’s passport really got lost and never found. All those preparations will just flew in the air and we really don’t know what might happen next.Just sharing some of my daughter’s solo pictures:

Early morning, it’s her birthday today!
at Disney Hollywood Hotel

 Silvercord (waiting for their Dad to come out inside H&M Store

 playing with her Mommy Lola’s XoXo bag:)

 in our room at Marco Polo..I super love that hooded shirt:)

 hands up!

* * *