6 Ways to Choose Best Sofa for your Living Room

Bought a new house and can’t wait to furnish it? Or do you just want to purchase a new sofa for your refurbished house?

Buying furniture for your home is exciting, but also confusing, especially when you want to buy a sofa for your living room. So, it needs to be a perfect piece of furniture when it comes to comfort and style. Nailing down a look to complement your room can be quite overwhelming.

Even though buying a sofa involves not rocket science, but a few suggestions could really help in making the right choice. Here we have the best guidelines for amazing sofa ideas for your living room.

  • Plan the layout

Before buying, it is important to check how sofa or chairs will fit in your living room layout. You can make cutouts on the floor with measuring tape and see how it will fit. If you are buying a recliner sofa or a sofa bed, you will need more space for it. For a small room, buy a low, contemporary design with small arms. It will make your room look spacious.

  • Style of sofa

If you have a modern living room with an open-plan space, opt for corner sofas. They will offer you flexible seating and are perfect for large areas. It tends to have more seats for people. There is a sofa with exposed legs which also looks great in a modern living room, but it can also complement your traditional living room. You can add cushions to match them with your theme. Depending upon the style of your lounge, you can choose high backed or low backed sofas. If your style is contemporary and laid back, you can go for low backed and it is formal. High backed sofas are a good choice.

For a traditional themed room, a Chesterfield would fit perfectly. But there are replicas in the market due to its high demand. If you’re looking for a Chesterfield sofa, Jamie Fielden from S.W. James recommends buying from a company that is passionate about Chesterfields and crafts high-quality sofas that will bring style, class, and comfort to any room. They will charm your living room for a long period.

  • Measurement of the doors

Measure the depth of your potential sofa against the width of your front as well as living room doors. Check if the space of upstairs, hallway and around the corner isn’t going to be an issue. Often legs will be removable for ease but it is necessary to ensure that the sofa fits through the openings.

  • Choosing the upholstery

Before choosing any upholstery, check the fabric samples. It will help you to feel the quality and to see the color against your décor. See if the fabric will really suit your lifestyle or not. If you have kids or pets, a velvet sofa is not a good option. It is high maintenance fabric and needs frequent cleaning to avoid dirt and dust. On the other hand, leather sofas are extremely durable. No matter what type of leather you opt, they are only going to look amazing. If you are buying a sofa for a family space, buy a tough and tightly woven sofa. They are affordable and have very low maintenance.

  • Sofa fillings

There is a huge variety of fillings for a sofa and you can have any of them according to your choices. Fiber is hardwearing but still softer whereas the form is firm and tends to retain its original shape. And if you want to opt for something expensive, choose feather fillings. They are very soft but you need to plump the cushions.

  • Opt for a solid frame

You need to pay attention to the frame. It will make your sofa stringy and durable. Ask your seller about the craftsmanship and what type of material is used for the frame. softwoods such as pine are quite affordable but do not have durability. Your frame should be made from a hardwood like beech, ash or oak.

To know the stability, lift the sofa from the front right leg and see if the front left leg is following. If not, the frame may be prone to bending. Check for the attachment of the legs, they should be screwed or attached to the dowels.


A sofa can enhance and become a piece of resistance. Look for both, elegance and comfort when purchasing for a perfect sofa. Consider your options and take time to get the one that matches your home and lifestyle.


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