Why You Should Make Room for Your Car

Are you one of those people who park the car on the driveway or in the street instead of in your garage because your garage has become a storage space? If so, consider the benefits of making room for your car within the cozy walls of the garage.

Prevent Theft

With modern anti-theft electronic systems, it may be more difficult for thieves to take your car for a joyride. However, if you ever leave your keys in your vehicle ignition to warm it up on a cold morning, or leave the door unlocked for “just a minute” while you run into the house, a few minutes is all it takes for someone to take advantage of the situation. For this reason, some insurance companies offer a discount if your car sleeps in a garage at night.

More commonly, thieves break into cars to take advantage of the contents. If you leave valuables in plain sight in the passenger cabin, someone will be tempted to break a window and take the item. While you may intend to follow the advice to take laptops into the house, you could forget to stow items one evening when you arrive home tired. Only one lapse could lead to the loss of hundreds of dollars of valuables. Parking your car in a garage avoids this tragedy.

Prolong Vehicle Life

Cars parked outside in the elements are exposed to ultraviolet light and heat that fades car seats and cracks plastic dashboards. Scraping snow off of the roof can scratch the paint. Extreme temperatures wreak havoc with batteries and fluids. While a garage might not be temperature controlled to the extent of the house, the walls provide important barriers against the worst of mother nature.

Space Saving Strategies

Make room for your car by storing items on the walls or on the ceiling. Products such as the SafeRacks overhead storage rack have emerged in recent years as more customers tackle the problem of garage storage. However, keep in mind when installing these items that manufacturers have specified a weight capacity that should not be exceeded if you want to avoid catastrophe. Consider writing the weight capacity in permanent marker on a side of the rack so that you have an easy reference. Adopting minimalist living philosophies and reducing the stuff that you own is another strategy that could have the side effect of improving your family’s mental health.

Keep your car safe and damage-free by keeping it in your garage. Your car will thank you.

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