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It seemed like yesterday when I wrote my first (and last) personal post on this blog last 2018.


To look back on the things that happen last year and write them down here will take me hours, so I might as well share it here in one-liners. I won’t promise, but I’ll do my best to make full blog posts on each of them.

I am still a work from home mom, doing content writing and social media management for startups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. I’m on my 10th year and I am thankful to be still on the Top Rated Freelancers in Upwork.

I am now a mom of three to pre-teens— our kids have grown bigger than I expected (kudos to the husband’s genes).

We’ve been attending Christian Church services for three years, and in 2018, we were baptized, and my family is now  Born-Again Christians.

I started reading the Bible— I do it every early morning.

Oh, and I gained new friends from our church.

Since we moved into a new home last year, I’ve been addicted to Scandinavian home designs, and other home decorating stuff.

The husband and I have been watching HGTV a lot!

My twelve-year-old daughter introduced me to Korean television series before 2018 ends, and it is also one of my addictions these days.

I now also knew some of the famous Korean boy bands and girl groups, and I find them very interesting.

Umm, what else?

Ah, I learned how to use cheek and lip tint— thanks again to my millennial kiddos!

And, I’ve been learning a few braid hairstyles for my two girls (and nieces, and my girls’ classmates, and some of their teachers).

Lastly, I made it to the Top 30 Mama Blogs, check out the badge on the right side of this blog.

I guess these are all for now.

I am more active on my Instagram account, my photos are more updated in that platform so if you want, feel free to follow me here, okay? >>


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