5 Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Sometimes, rooms in the home just need to be refreshed. After a while, they can lose their lives and there’s no way around it. Out come the paint brushes, rollers and DIY tools (along with a few possible arguments with your spouse). No matter what time of day or year it is, the kitchen is always a well-frequented part of the house. So, if you need a fresh look in your kitchen, here are some great ideas.


Glittered Countertops

Who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle this time of year? If you want to add a bit of life to your kitchen, there’s no better way than some sparkling countertops. Did you know you can get glittered marble countertops? If you just want a subtle look, go for a white marble with white glitter because the sparkle only shows up in certain lights. But, if you want to go for the full razzle-dazzle, go for black marble with white glitter. That color combination will be seen from miles away!

Change Your Windows

When the whole family is over and you’re entertaining in the garden, it can be difficult to join in when you’re responsible for the cooking. Changing your windows to servery windows can make all the difference. Suddenly, if you’re in the kitchen you can still join in the fun, even if everyone else is outside. They help to beat the separation between spaces and it can be so much easier to pass food or drink to family members instead of walking through the room to the garden.


Once upon a time, it was in style to keep kitchen walls plain by painting neutral colors and relying on items, like backsplashes, to bring life into the kitchen. But it wasn’t long before people became bored of that idea and now we’re back to creating feature walls in our kitchen spaces. So, if you’ve got a kitchen/diner room that needs a bit of spice, go for a bold pattern and splash some color on your feature wall. It looks great paired with an oak dining table and matching a table runner.


Breakfast Bar or Island

The family is spending more time in the kitchen than ever. As our need for technology grows, it becomes more important to spend quality time eating family meals together. But, it doesn’t have to be at the dinner table. Having a breakfast bar or an island with stools is a great way to get the kids eating their breakfast together before school starts. It’s also the perfect place for a glass of wine with your friends after a hard day.


Floral Accessories

Don’t ever underestimate the power of floral. Once upon a time, floral patterns were on our walls, curtains, rugs, plates and it’s making a comeback. Don’t be afraid of floral placemats, coasters and china teacups. In addition, nothing can beat a bouquet of fresh flowers as the centerpiece for your dining table.

Happy decorating!

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