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The Signs of Roof Damage that You Should Know

We tend to take our roof for granted but it is the part of the home that faces the elements and takes the most damage. After a period of time, roofs, just like anything else, start to wear out. To ensure that the damage can be maintained and fixed, you need to watch out for certain common signs of roof damage. Here are the main ones.

Ceiling Patches

You can tell that your roof is failing to give you protection from the inside of the home itself. When ceiling stains start to appear it signals that there is a leak somewhere. Stains that develop over a long time denote that the leak is small and moisture is accumulating slowly.

A sudden stain can mean worse. In both cases, you need to call the experts for an evaluation. Local professionals like Lifetime Roofing and Renovation have a 24/7 emergency service which can be crucial at times like these.

Gutter Problems

A bad gutter can also severely affect your roof. The gutter is supposed to ensure that water flows away from the roof and the home into your drainage system. Any kind of obstruction or damage to your gutter will lead to accumulation of water on or even under the roof. Rot and corrosion will set in and the roof loses its protective qualities. Make sure that your gutter apron is functioning properly – it prevents water from getting into the layers under the shingles.

Presence of Mold

Are you starting to see mold form on the exterior of your walls? When a roof starts breaking down, the mold will usually start at the point where it meets the wall. Check inside the house too, close to where the inner walls meet the rafters. If you see mold at the upper fringes of the wall, it means your roof is leaking. The presence of mold is very harmful. Apart from weakening the structure of your home, it also causes multiple health problems.  

Roof Shingles

A major sign of roof wear and tear is damaged roof shingles. The shingles are coated with special granules that prevent damage from extreme weather conditions and UV rays. But over time, because of rain and hail, these granules get removed from the surface of the shingle.

Once a bruise appears on the shingle, it starts to expand fast as the granules fall off more easily. If you can catch this problem early, you can get the affected shingles removed and replaced individually rather than the entire roofing replaced.

Roofing is the part of your house that protects the foundation and the structure from the elements. A good roof ensures a well-insulated home, a healthier environment, and much lower power bills. It is paramount that you get your roofing checked once in a while. If you have had a lot of maintenance done but still have problems, it is time to invest in new roofing. A new roof adds value and energy efficiency to your property so it is a good long-term investment. You also have options of 100% financing and insurance available. It is easy to reach out to a reputed roofing expert. All you need to do is fill an online form and get the estimate.

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