Making Way For The Festive Season – Your Fall Decluttering Guide

Different seasons call for out with the old and in with the new, and that’s especially true during the winter season. Between the Christmas decorations, the gifts and your bulkier winter clothing, your home can soon start to feel like a cluttered mess with everything that’s in there.

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A good decluttering session could be just what you need to help you get your home in shape for winter. Make way for the festive season with this good decluttering guide.

Store summer away

Summer may be over, but you’ll soon forget about it with all of the fun things that winter brings. Do you need to keep all of your summer wardrobe and summer decor out at this time of year? Storing it away is a great idea to keep everything in a safe place until next summer. If your attic or garage is looking on the small side or your storage is limited, why not try a self storage unit? An affordable and fantastic solution for putting your unwanted clutter away, it’s a good idea for helping you clear some space for winter.

Rebuild your wardrobe

A new season is a good excuse to dig out old favorites, as well as help you get rid of your unwanted clothing, Many people are in need of warm winter clothes, so if you have sweaters, coats and accessories you no longer want, make sure you donate them. There are a lot of different ways to get rid of your old clothes, so don’t just throw them in the trash.

Go through each room at a time

It makes sense to tackle your decluttering by taking it one room at a time. Get everything out of the cupboards, the drawers, etc. and make sure you separate everything into piles of things you want to keep, and things that need to go. Be brutal to get the best results. If you have duplicate items, items that are broken or even items that haven’t been used in years – do the sensible thing and get rid of them to free up some space.

Give everything its own place

One of the best ways to reduce clutter is to give everything its own home. From putting things on shelves to making the most of your storage, you can find ways to clear some space. You can add storage to every room with a bit of creativity. A clearer home will be easy to clean and will mean that it always looks tidy – something that’s important when friends and family descend over the holidays.


Getting the whole family involved in the decluttering process and will be sure to speed things up. It’s not always easy keeping your home clean with kids, pets and a busy schedule to stick to, but decluttering will make things easier! Make way for winter by giving your home a much-needed clear out and enjoy a more spacious, neater living space in time for the holidays.

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