Top Tips for Decorating with Canvas Prints and Wall Art

Personal space decoration is an actual headache for a lot of people; designing offices and homes can be a struggle. Going through a dozen unused catalogs and just a hefty bill for your interior designer.

There is no doubt that interior designers do some amazing work that people just can’t do just as well themselves, people who need more personalization and more control over the themes and motifs, need to do it themselves.

Here are some tips for your interior decorating and wall art design to get the most out of your house:

Chose print themes which match your taste 

Canvas prints are just so easy to get nowadays, and you have the option to choose from a variety of subjects that include abstract, natural prints, with different subjects and styles.

At the same time, personalized prints or photo to canvas prints are getting increasingly popular as well. Have you taken an amazing photograph and want to incorporate it into your house’s design? Or perhaps you prefer putting photographs of your loved ones instead of traditional wall art.

Personalized prints and Photo to Canvas options allow you to do the above, and a lot more in a very unique way which is sophisticated at the same time.

Photoshop some effects on photos and get them printed to get an even more unique and personalized experience. Using photo editing software, even bland photos can be converted into vintage-looking, chic, and aesthetically pleasing print themes.

Even cheap canvas prints can be a great addition to your otherwise lacking barebones walls.

Before decorating, decide what the room functions as

It depends quite heavily on the room’s intended purpose. For instance, if you’re decorating a home office, the themes and designs will be much more different from if you’re decorating an infant’s nursery or playroom.

Colors have unique and different properties, and each color can have psychological effects that in-turn can cause a physical change in a person’s body. For instance, the color green has a soothing effect, red has an almost adrenaline effect, which helps raise the room’s energy. It also draws people closer and stimulates conversation.

Similarly, blue brings down blood pressure and slows respiration.

You need to decide what the intended purpose of your room will be before you start decorating it. For an office, the color scheme can be light, calming and peaceful, whereas the color scheme for an infant nursery, for instance, can be light, with different colors, or bright colored.

Position prints to positively show off the room

How you choose to provide your prints will depend on after how big the real room and the impact you want to give.

Framing artwork and exhibiting it on mantles, bookshelves, windowsills, and dining tables, this can help create the sensation of your complete room through the use of all the horizontal space as it can be.

Hanging art after the wall membrane, in small groupings, or hanging an individual piece develops continuity between what’s stomach high and below from what is eyesight level or above.  It generates a feeling of wholeness to the atmosphere of the area.

Letting art take a seat on the ground, this little strategy, especially for high or bigger square parts makes the real room appear bigger.

Hang prints in weird places to strike conversations

It’s considered artsy to hang prints in unique places and in unique ways. The purpose of print themes is to make the room look good and to make people notice it. Placing canvas pieces in weird and unusual places such as indoor balconies, railing, under glass or coffee table, etc. can be noticeable and help start conversations.

At the end of the day, there are limitless options when it comes to canvas prints, all you need is to have an eye for what you want in that room and what people want to see.


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