8 Tips For Freezing Your Food With A Vacuum Sealer

One of the best ways to spend less money is by using a vacuum sealer. You shouldn’t let it just sit in your kitchen while doing nothing. You should consider putting it to good use all the time to extend the life of your meals. This machine lets you shop for as much food as you wish and cook in bulk. In addition, you will save time too. Everyone wants to save some little cash on food. Check out the following tips to help you save money and extend the life of your food by using vacuum cleaner sealer for storing your food.

1.  A guide on how to pre-freeze your food

To store foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meatballs, place them in sheets and freeze them.  When you store things such as fresh fruits in a freezer bag and remove the air, you’ll squish the fruits.  Additionally, for food items such as soups and pasta, place them in plastic containers. With a spoon, pack your food and remove all the bubbles before you freeze it. Remove your food and seal it with the vacuum once all the food is frozen.

2.  The best time to freeze cooked and raw food

Certain foods like soups and sauces reheat perfectly while others do not. You can choose to vacuum clean some foods without the need to cook them. If you purchase several pounds of chicken, create three separate batches and freeze them. The best thing about this is that you will still get a decent and fresh meal with less effort.

3.  Make sure you label all your food containers 

Do not trust your memory 100%. You may assume you’ll remember everything you packed after six months until you add noodles in chili thinking its tomato paste. You may remember most things a few days after packing, however, a couple of months later, your mind becomes preoccupied with other things.  Therefore, you should make sure that you are labeling your containers appropriately. Write the date you made the food using a label marker. It is important to label your packages so that other people can easily retrieve the food while in the kitchen anytime they want.

4.  Not for freezing alone

A vacuum sealer has many other uses other than freezing. You can use it to dry your food.  However, make sure you have a barrier placed between the vacuum sealer and powdered products such as flour.  Apart from extending the life of your food in the freezer, it can also do the same for the food in the pantry. Note that you should maintain the original package of food items such as flour and freeze the entire package.

5.  Add more amount of food and freeze the additional 

When cooking your food, increase its quantity well.  Once you are done preparing your meal, put the extra food in a sealer immediately to make sure to preserve the food at its peak. Dishes such as enchiladas may require disposable foil pans. Collect two trays, prepare one for the night and the other tray for storage. So, the next time you want to eat you will just defrost the food and heat it in your oven.

6.  Get the right bags

There are specific bags that are made specifically for vacuum sealers. Therefore, you need to purchase these types of bags. The best thing about these bags is that they prevent moisture and air from getting inside the food.  In addition, the bags make sure that your food is fresh all the time because there is no air that penetrates the pockets.

7.  Arrange your food in portions

There are many other uses of the bags other than freezing food that may have bacteria such as raw meat, you can clean and reuse the bags. You will save a lot of time and energy if you freeze a whole package of meat. What you need to do is to purchase three pounds of meat and portion them evenly in three separate one pound portions and freeze them so that you can easily cook them anytime you want to cook meat.

8.  Cut your own food

When you use the vacuum cleaner on beef, you will optimize your food savings. In most houses, meat takes a huge chunk of space.  Notably, you will save a lot of money if you purchase beef in bulk at a butchery store or from a grocer like Target or Walmart.  Seal and freeze your meat separately.

A vacuum cleaner is an amazing machine that can help extend the lifespan of food and save you some extra cleaner. Therefore, if you have one at home, make good use of it.

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