19 Tips To Organize Your Bedroom

A tidy, aesthetically-pleasing bedroom can make your space feel much more welcoming. After all, you begin and end each day in the bedroom, so it makes sense that it should be a haven away from the stress of daily life. Starting with your closet and ending with the final decorative touches, here are a few tips to help you create a happy environment in your boudoir.

1. Do a closet cleanse

Start by sorting your clothes; donate anything that no longer fits or that you don’t wear anymore. Seasonal items like sweaters, jackets, and shorts that you haven’t worn for the past season need to go. This is also a great time to pull everything out of the closet and vacuum out the accumulated dust and dirt.

2. Tidy up bags and purses

Once you’ve purged the closet clutter, it’s time to organize what’s left. Purses and bags can create clutter in the closet if not stored properly. If you have shelving in your closet, neatly stack bags and purses there. You can also invest in storage cubbies to hold bags. If the floor space isn’t there, try hanging bags from clothes hangers.

3. Keep drawers neat

Drawers should not be over-filled. Neatly fold everything so that you can get to things without rummaging. Arranging shirts and pants horizontally instead of vertically makes it easier to find what you want. Drawer dividers are helpful for separating small items like belts, socks, lingerie, and accessories.

4. Know what to fold…

Storing your clothes properly keeps them in good condition for longer. Certain items, like sweaters, should be folded because hanging them can cause stretching and snagging. Once they’re folded, stack them neatly on top of each other on shelves, in drawers, or in movable cubbies.

5. … and what to hang

Other clothing items, especially those that wrinkle easily, should be placed on hangers. Organize by clothing type by hanging pants in one area, blouses in another, and dresses in another. You can further organize each type by color, occasion, or season. Be sure to invest in high-quality hangers rather than those with wires. Owning a variety of types of hangers, including pant hangers and no-slip hangers, is helpful.


6. Get creative with shoe storage

Shelves, cubbies, footwear cabinets, or the floor are all options to stash shoes. You can also hang boots with pant hangers, just be sure that they are free of dirt first to avoid soiling other closet items. Shoes that are especially dirty or that you wear daily might fare better in a hall closet or footwear cabinet near your front door.

7. Upgrade your bed

The bed is the centerpiece of every bedroom. If you have a poor-quality mattress or pillows, it may be impacting your sleep. Consider investing in a better mattress and pillows for greater comfort and health. If that’s not in the budget, look into a memory foam mattress pad. Adding a cozy, beautiful duvet cover and sheet set is the perfect finishing touch.

8. Utilize headboard space

Headboard space can double as useful storage and a visual statement. Incorporate shelving into this area for things like books, lamps, framed photos, or treasured knickknacks. Shelved headboards are available for purchase or you can get creative and make one from old drawers or pallets.

9. Take advantage of footboard storage

Footboard space can be equally as useful as headboard space. A chest or ottoman are chic options that provide storage for quilts, linens, and bulky items that may not fit easily in the closet.

10. Select the perfect nightstand

A nightstand with a small drawer and a shelf underneath provides handy storage for personal items that you may not want visible as well as a place to keep things like books and magazines for bedtime reading. If you don’t have many things to store, a simple table provides a minimalistic look.

11. Opt for a desk 

If you need workspace in your bedroom, you may want to forgo the nightstand and opt for a desk instead. When shopping, look for a simple desk and pair it with a small chair. Position it near your bed for easy access to personal items.

12. Invest in a vanity

For those that like to apply make-up and get dressed in their bedrooms, a vanity is a must. A vintage desk or armoire with a mirror make great vanities. Add a good source of lighting so you can see what you’re doing. Everyday items like cake stands, glass trays, or chic baskets are perfect for keeping perfume, makeup, and jewelry accessible and organized.

13. Utilize the space under your bed

The space under the bed is a valuable storage area. If you happen to be shopping for a new bed, consider purchasing one with built-in drawers to store linen or seasonal clothing. You can also use plastic totes, baskets, or bags to stash non-essentials items down below.


14. Use jewelry as a decoration

Jewelry organization options can double as cool decorative pieces. If you’re into DIY projects, create cute patterned shelves with hooks for hanging necklaces. Glass dishes are perfect to store elegant rings or earrings. Another option is to use wire mesh to easily create earring organizers. For bracelets, use a bracelet cone or tower to stack bangles or hang them horizontally from rods.

15. Maximize wall space

To maximize wall space, consider investing in floor to ceiling bookshelves. These are perfect for storing your beloved book hoard and small photographs. If you have large wall art that you want to display, a half bookshelf can provide great storage without stealing all the wall space. Wall-mounted cubbies are a trendy, modern way to display knick-knacks.

16. Minimize laundry space

Nobody wants to waste space on dirty laundry. Save space by using a hanging laundry hamper that hangs discreetly over the back of a door. You can make your own using sturdy fabric and an embroidery hoop. Bonus points for relocating the hamper to your closet or bathroom.

17. Pick up a coat rack

An industrial coat rack is a great way to hang heavy winter coats or items that have been worn but aren’t really dirty yet, like jeans or pajamas. Coat racks are also a good place to hang robes, scarves, belts, or the purse you use daily.

18. Snag some storage ottomans

Storage ottomans are another example of furniture that do double (or even triple) duty. They provide seating, storage, and a cool visual statement. These beautiful and practical pieces of furniture are a clever way to stash bedroom extras– like the pair of slippers you habitually leave lying around.

19. Decorate with hanging hooks

Hanging hooks are useful for everything from hats to scarves to small framed artwork. If you have personal items you want to display, look for one that also includes shelf space for displaying pictures, stuffed animals, or other favorite items.

Organizing and decorating your closet and bedroom is a great way to customize your space and create calm and order in your life. When your bedroom is neat, inviting, and cozy, you’ll enjoy spending your time there and may even get a better night’s sleep.

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