Parent’s Guide to Today’s Technology

Technology is changing faster than ever, and parents need to be aware of how that technology affects their children’s lives. Between social media, smartphones, and the many educational tools available today, how do you know which technologies your children are using and whether or not they are a force for good.


This guide will let you in on all the latest advancements and changes.


Video Games


In the past, video games were mostly limited to single-player with the exception of multiplayer games that you engaged in the living room. Today’s video games have branched out across the world wide web, allowing children to play with kids, and adults, around the world. While there are some positive social aspects to this type of gaming, adults need to be aware of who their children are talking to in these games, and what level of moderation is available to keep kids safe. Some games have servers specifically set up for safe play among younger users. Others do not.


Social Media


Social media is a tool used by many kids today to share stories about their lives and connect with other people. It is also useful for learning more about the world and keeping up with recent events. However, it has also caused some hairy situations for kids who have been caught posting inappropriate pictures and videos. Most social media sites are meant for kids ages 13 and up. On the other hand, there are some sites geared toward younger users, allowing them to share their artwork, stories and other things with relative safety.


Educational Technology


While there have been many studies conducted on the effects of screen time and children’s behavior, the fact is that there are countless learning tools available through apps and online play today. Some of these games include full curriculums. Games like Prodigy offer children an opportunity to play and learn together using teaching methods that are aligned with current national standards. Even open world games like Minecraft can be used to teach concepts like basic mechanics and physics, as well as general building creativity. Many parents are quick to ban all online play because they fear unwanted interactions, but there are plenty of educational tools that include team building exercises where your kids can partner with others in their age group to complete challenges. The most important thing to remember is that you should research the type of game that is being played and whether or not there are active moderators in place to keep your kids safe.


Kids Know Best?


One problem we see today is that many parents assume their kids know about internet safety since they have always been exposed to the internet. The truth is that kids still need guidance when it comes to choosing safe friends and activities online. Even if you are open to online gaming and play, you should always have a filter in place that requires a password before your kids go online. Keeping computers and tablets out in the open is a great way to monitor your kids’ activity and ensure that they are using their technology safely and responsibly.


Parent’s don’t have to be an expert in technology to keep kids safe with today’s latest gadgets, they can just consult with experts to have kids safe parameters set up on all devices. Or all you really need to do is pay attention to who they are talking to and the environment that they are working in. It is easy to research today’s biggest games and apps to learn more about what parental safety features they have in place for you to use. The more you understand about these games and social sites, the better you can keep everyone in the house safe.


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