Top Benefits of Reading Books to Your Children Before Bedtime

Do you love reading your child bedtime stories? Well, I like sitting beside my child, with a book in hand and ready to read his favorite book. In most families, this is also a popular habit, and it’s also a crucial part of a child’s life. Even for you as the parent, being the storyteller is considered as a privilege!

There are various reasons why you should read a story to your child. I’ve come across some interesting – reviews which described the process as an essential sleeping ‘tool.’ However, there are loads of benefits on why you need to read with your child before he or she sleeps. Let us take a look at some of them!

1. It Cultivates Their Minds During Bedtime

I know that as parents, the toughest challenge is making sure that our kids are fully prepared for bed. We want to get rid of nightmares and other issues that may cause lack of sleep. I recently come across studies which further emphasized the importance of reading to your child. It adds that the process has a measurable and meaningful impact on how your child processes different stories. Therefore, it’s easy to predict his or her reading success.

Despite all these fantastic factors, I love the fact that it improves our children’s level of interaction. I’ve previously had a hard time trying to get my son to play with other kids. He lacked self-esteem and preferred playing video games all day. Fortunately, after we read a few books together, I’ve noticed a huge change! He’s now very confident, and at times, I have to go looking for him in the playground since he’s out playing up to the late hours of the evening.

2. It Expands Their Emotional Understanding

Reading should also connect with your kid in an emotional perspective. So, he or she should laugh along the way or even cry at the end of the story. You’ll find that this helps your child in approaching tough situations in life calmly and intelligently.

I had a hard time trying to transfer my son from his baby crib to a ‘grown-up’ bed. He felt scared and uncomfortable. Luckily, I had the right remedy! We sat together before bed, and I read to him, ‘How Will I ever sleep in This Bed?” It helped him conquer the fears of sleeping on a broader bed, by learning from the actions of the books ‘hero.’

3. It’s The Perfect ‘Bonding’ Time

Let’s be honest for a second here and admit that we don’t spend a lot of time with our children nowadays. But, the good thing is that we’re not to blame. With the fixed working hours and having to deal with the changing economy, there’s simply not enough time. What we don’t know is that bedtime stories are the best way to make up for the ‘lost’ time. Besides, they also show your child that you still love and care about him or her.

One of my favorite books here is ‘Kiss Good Night.’ It’s such a sweet and cozy little book! So, as Mrs. Bear is putting Sam, her cub, to bed she seems to be forgetting something. Is it a book, a blanket or milk? Well, it’s just a good night kiss!

I love this book because it allows me to give my son a lovely kiss. I leave for work pretty early meaning that we hardly see each other in the morning. So, it’s good for me to let him know that I’m thinking of him during the day. Even so, it’s an exciting moment for him and watching his face ‘light up’ after a kiss is more than a parent could ask for!

Reading to your child before bed is all about spending time together with him or her. So, it’s also good to pick out the right book. Always remember that a good story before bed creates the perfect space for enough sleep and sweet dreams throughout the night!

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