Family and Its Mental Health

Modern psycho-hygiene indicates a mutual psychological connection between family members. The family is a living social organism and a violation of the emotional balance of any of its members is reflected in all others. The family blossoms with the joy experienced by some of its members and are going through for its failures. A good mood, which the mother has achieved, for example, by walking in nature, listening to music or communicating with worthy people, sooner or later will have a positive impact on other members of the family– in other words, the family hype is achieved.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is vice versa. A woman who feels unsatisfied, “who is always offended by someone” and who carries all her negative emotions daily to her husband and children, unwittingly, violates family harmony. Therefore, it is very important to avoid overloading and other factors that are unnerving for each family member.

A particularly difficult situation occurs when the entire family is exposed to stress simultaneously, for example, with a prolonged and serious illness of one of its members. To keep the family in peace, you need to adhere to certain rules.

In crisis situations, the commonality of the position of both parents, the nature of the relationship between them and between the rest of the family is very important. It is desirable to divide the household duties in the proper way so that they correspond to the abilities and capabilities of its members. In a family that successfully overcomes stressful situations, it will not be a problem to replace an ill mother with household chores or just give her a rest.

In such a family, no one should give up on common duties. But it often happens in dysfunctional families. The work of an ill mother is made reluctantly or even delayed, a member of the family who is currently ill is receiving only formal support.

In a family where the spouses are poorly adapted to living together, it is not acceptable to openly express their feelings, there is no mutual understanding and true love.

This is an extremely pernicious atmosphere, but there is a universal tool for its elimination – communication. If it is not customary in your family to talk about problems, but you understand that you are all suffering because of this, then you must change the situation. Show a personal example: take an interest in your family members business, tell about your business. Begin to share joys and problems. Show that it is not as difficult as it seems. You will be amazed at the changes that will occur not only with the family as a whole organism but with every single member of it.

Remember that the most important human skill is not time management, personal effectiveness or even education. The most important skill is the ability to communicate.

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