Your Definitive Self Care Bible

In this hectic world, self-care tends to take a backseat. However, making time for regular self-care is imperative for mind, body, and soul. Everything goes hand in hand, so if you’re neglecting a certain area of your life, it’ll no doubt seep through into different areas of your life.

In this definitive self-care bible, we’re going to talk about ways you can stay on top of your self-care that hopefully won’t feel like too much work for you. Read on if this is an area you’re struggling with or something you’d simply like to know more about!

Make A List Of Things You Love About Yourself

Many people get into bad habits, like comparing themselves to others and focusing on the things they really don’t like about themselves. This is such a bad practice, as we get more of what we think about. If you focus on the negative aspects you believe you have, then that’s all you’ll see. You’ll be blind to the great stuff! So, as a self-care challenge, make a list of the things you love about yourself. List as many things you can, no matter how small. Add to it regularly if possible. It could be something as simple as the shape of your fingernails, or your dry wit. Don’t forget to add compliments given by others too. Isn’t it funny how we easily forget these and yet remember all of the bad things people have said to us?


Rethink Your To Do List

Sometimes, having lots of things written on your to-do list can add more and more weight to your shoulders until you feel like collapsing underneath it. Take a look at your to-do list and rethink it. Take the things off that aren’t urgent. If possible, stick to a maximum of three things that need to be done that day, so your list seems more manageable overall. Then, anything done on top of that is a bonus.



Meditation is care for the mind. Most people don’t realize that they’re stressed and bogged down by overthinking because they aren’t giving their minds a chance to slow down. Meditating for just 5-10 minutes a day will help you to slow things down and get your emotions in check. It may feel strange to sit and do nothing at first, but apps can help you to get started. All you need to do is keep this up for around 3 weeks and you will have built a new habit.

Take Time For A Hobby You Love

We weren’t born just to work and pay bills, so why don’t most of us take part in hobbies that we enjoy? You should take time to do the things you enjoy each day, whether it’s a quick sketch with a biro or you make something from scratch out of wood. If you haven’t got a hobby that you love, what are you waiting for? Find one! Do anything it takes to find a hobby that you enjoy and wants to stick to. Doing this most day is good for the soul. We all need to do more things that make us feel ‘in the zone’.

Purge Social Media Of Negative People

Scrolling social media often means we’ll be met with a number of negative comments, tweets, and statuses. Don’t be afraid to purge social media and get rid of all negative people you find. Doing this for your own mental health is nothing to apologize for. We all spend so much time on social media, that it only makes sense to ensure we’re exposed to positive things as much as possible.


Get Some Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is key to functioning properly throughout the day. If you’re not getting the quality sleep that you need, you need to take a look at your sleep environment and bed and figure out what it is you need to change. Maybe it’s the temperature of your room, or maybe you’ve had your mattress for a long time and need to replace it with a new one. There are all kinds of mattresses and brands out there, so looking at impartial reviews is a good way to help you figure out what you need. You might want to look at Tomorrow Sleep complaints before you purchase a mattress from this brand, as well as the pros to figure out if it’s a good choice for you. Make sure you research and read up on all of the brands you’re interested in so you find the one that’s right for you.

Take Some Exercise

Exercise is something we all need to be healthy, especially later on in life. You may be able to get away with eating junk and sitting all day when you’re young, but definitely not as you enter your late twenties and early thirties. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits. Exercise is great for mental health and productivity, as well as improving the way you perform throughout the day. As an added bonus, it makes us look better too!

Drink More Water And Less Caffeine

Most people can only function after copious amounts of coffee these days, but too much caffeine is dangerous. Not only can it give us jitters and anxiety, it actually stops working as well after a certain amount has been consumed. Make sure you aim to drink a few liters of water per day, and if you need a caffeine boost, try something more natural like matcha tea. Coffee is fine occasionally, but you shouldn’t use it as a crutch to help you function like a normal person.


Laughter is another great medicine for the soul. Are you doing it enough? If not, figure out what you can do to change that. Spend time with people who make you laugh. Watch funny films and programs. Do things that make you laugh at yourself even. Have fun. What is life if we’re not having fun?


Make sure you’re socializing enough. Humans are social creatures and don’t do well when isolated. You may need to go out of your way to socialize, especially if you don’t work with other people. Arrange a regular coffee date with a friend, and make sure you stay in touch with your family too. Even if you have to catch up on the phone, make an effort to stay connected to those you love. Nurturing your relationships is one of the most important things you can do.


Treat Yourself To Something

Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. This doesn’t mean you should go out and spend your savings because you feel sad. However, if you have had your eye on something for a while and you’re normally pretty sensible with your cash, then treat yourself. You deserve it! Why do we readily treat others but not ourselves? Helping others is great, but we deserve a little love too. Buy yourself the dress, the book, the necklace – whatever it is. Enjoy it and treasure this gift for you!

Have A Home Pamper Day

Take a day at home to pamper yourself. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to take a mental health day off work if you’ve been working very hard and you can feel it taking its toll on your mind. Spend the day bathing, doing your nails, watching your favorite films, and enjoying your favorite foods.

Write A Journal Entry

Sometimes, writing a journal entry can be the best way to get a good idea of what’s going on in our minds. Confused about something? Write it all down. If you do this regularly enough, you should be able to compare your entries and notice patterns in your way of thinking or the things that keep happening to you. This should help you to improve the situation or at the very least improve your feelings surrounding it! Journaling can be a very therapeutic activity. Studies have even shown that reading past journal entries can be beneficial!

Accept Your Circumstances

If you can’t accept your current circumstances, you’re never going to feel happy as you are. Whatever it is, accept it. Accept your body. Accept your home. Accept your job, your car. All of these things can teach you something, and if you’re unhappy, you can do something about them. We all have the power to change our circumstances and our lives. However, we get better results when coming from a place of acceptance rather than a place of desperation.


Take A Detox From The Online World

The online world can be bad for us if we spend too much time on it. You may have already had a social media detox, but how about staying away from the online world for a week or two? It may be hard to break the habit at first, but you should find you have so much more spare time, and that you’re able to enjoy the moment better!

Check In With Yourself Regularly

Finally, check in with yourself regularly. How do you feel right now? Is your intuition, or gut telling you something? Pay attention to what your feelings and body are telling you!

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