Flexible Working Conditions? Why You Should Consider Moving the Family Abroad

We’re living in pretty exciting times. Unlike every generation before us, people are now able to do all of their work through the magic of the internet, and that brings with it a level of freedom that would be the envy of our parents, grandparents, and beyond. If you have an online job – or otherwise flexible working conditions – then there’s little stopping you from packing up and heading to pastures new, providing your chosen destination has the internet. If you have a family, you might think twice about upheaving the life you’ve created, but before you settle in – or resign yourself – to life just in one location, it’s worth taking a look at what might be gained by spending some time in an overseas country. Below, we take a look at some of the benefits of moving abroad with the family in tow.

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It’ll be Good For You

OK, we know that, as a parent, you don’t often get to think about what you want from life; you have bigger fish to fry, chiefly the well-being of your loved ones. But we’ll come to how it’ll be good for them in the next paragraphs. For now, let’s think about how good it’ll be for you to move abroad. People often get trapped in a lifestyle that they wouldn’t necessarily have chosen, but you’re not in that position: you can make money anywhere. Before you let too much “common sense” creep in, think of how much you’ll enjoy, later in life, to look back and know that you followed your dreams when you had the opportunity.

Benefits For Your Children

When you first mention the idea of moving to another country to your children, you can expect to be met with a flood of tears and shouting. However, remember that children are remarkably resilient, and also have a tendency to forget what they were crying about if it’s replaced by something good! And for sure, a move abroad will be good for them, not just in the future (more on that later), but immediately too. They’ll be going on an adventure, and we all know that children love going on adventures.

Later on in Life

You want your children to have a bright, open future that’s full of possibilities. If they’ve spent a portion of their childhood overseas, then they’re going to be well prepared to navigate life when they’re older. They’re likely to know another language, which is not only impressive but will give their resume a boost. They will also find it easier to converse with people from a variety of backgrounds and be more inherently adventurous than the people who spent all their lives in one places. These are qualities that will only become more valued as the world becomings more interlinked.

A Closer Family

It’s easy, when you live in your hometown, to fall into the routine of always doing the same old, same old. As such, the chances of growing as a family are few and far between; usually, everyone’s off doing their own thing, only coming together for meal times. When you all move abroad, this experience will be very different. For a while, until you’re settled in, you’ll all be each other’s support network, as well as having fun together. That’s an opportunity to get to know one another in a way that most families don’t get to have.

New Travelling Opportunities

Depending on where in the world you live, you might not have that many opportunities to experience different cultures. If you live in Australia or the United States, most of your traveling will be to elsewhere in those countries. But some countries, such as Singapore, offer the perfect base for traveling to a wide range of different countries. If you buy an HDB public housing property, you won’t just be able to enjoy all that Singapore has to offer; you’ll also have the rest of Asia just a short, inexpensive flight away. You won’t just be moving abroad; you’ll be traveling the world.

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Travelling Home is Special

We’re all guilty of taking our homes for granted. Usually, it’s only when we move away from that we’re able to see just how special they really are. When you live abroad, every time you visit home will be like a little party, and you’ll be able to experience the best that your hometown has to offer. If you have fears about moving away, then you should remember that home is always there; it’s not going anywhere, and most places take decades to change noticeably!

You Might Earn More Money

Money shouldn’t be at the top of your motivations when it comes to moving abroad, but it’s true: you might earn more money. It all depends on where you move. If you currently in a place with a high cost of living, then moving somewhere cheaper will give much more disposable income, even if you’re technically only earning the same amount as you did before. As such, moving abroad can be a good way to earn additional money. If you’re not spending it, then it can go straight into the savings pot!

A Broader Mindset

No-one knows the world, but the sad thing is that most people don’t even try to get to know it! By moving to a foreign country, you’ll be discovering more about the planet you call home in a more intimate way. After a few months of living abroad, you’ll find that you’ve got a broader mind, and are more tolerant of others. And isn’t that exactly the kind of thing you want to pass on to your children?

The Value of Following Dreams

And talking of passing things onto your children, how about this: the value of following one’s dreams. It takes guts and courage to leave the past behind and follow your hopes across the world. When they’re older, they’ll be motivated to do the same, purely because they grew watching their parents do the same! And if that doesn’t convince you…

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