How To Detect Water Damage In Your Home

You might think it’s easy to know when a broken pipe or a leaky roof has caused damage to your home, but it’s not always as obvious as you think. Water in your home is insidious in the way it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage before you realize that you have a problem. While a good water damage repair company can undo much of this, you are always better off being able to detect water damage in your home before the problem gets out of hand. Here are a few things you should be watching for in your home if you’ve ever had a plumbing problem or a leak in your roof.


Discoloration is one of the telltale signs of water damage in your ceiling. You might notice this if you’ve ever had a bad leak in your roof or any kind of damage in your attic. As the wood in your ceiling and roof system starts to warp and rot, you might notice dark rust-colored spots in your ceiling. This is usually a sign that you have severe water damage that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Standing Water

Pools of standing water in your basement or around appliances don’t necessarily mean that you have water damage in your home, but they are a sign that you might have an issue. Find the sources of the standing water, check for damage near them, and fix any leaks you have.

Changes in Flooring

You might notice changes in the texture of your floor if you have water pooling underneath it. Look for discolorations, warping that causes gaps between floorboards, sagging in hardwood, and a spongy texture when you walk across your floor.


As water accumulates in your home or is soaked up in your home’s drywall, you might notice a musty odor in your home. This is likely to be mold, which often accompanies water damage. Mold presents its own problems that need to be addressed, especially if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies. When you are looking for a good water damage restoration company, take some time to research mold removal as well.

What to Do When You Find Signs of Water Damage

When you find signs of water damage in your home, you need to act quickly to prevent any further damage. If the water is coming from a leaking or burst pipe, shut off the main water valve in your home and try to clean up any standing water with absorbent towels. Make a note of where you found the leak, and contact a plumber to fix the problem. If the water was coming from a leak in your roof or flooding in your basement, make a note of where you saw the leak and call a contractor to repair the damage. This is much harder to fix than a leaking pipe, but the right company should be able to make any necessary repairs before things get out of hand.

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