When You’ve Got To Deal With Overwhelming Days

It’s only from my husband that I knew about the month of August is a “ghost month” for some Chinese. They stopped house construction as soon as that month comes in because the noise might wake the “ghost”.

It’s actually my birthday and our wedding anniversary month.

work from home

And as much as I would always want to celebrate it with a happy heart, of course, it doesn’t happen. Somehow, things would get hard and unfortunate events would occur. And those two celebrations would end from not okay to some-kind-of okay. So, this year, I stopped expecting. I’ve got no plans in my head, and I do not even mention it at home.

I don’t know, but perhaps I am just too overwhelmed by the things around me hence this kind of post. My second daughter has been sick since Monday, and her two siblings have a lot of school projects and assignments that need my help. I am also catching up on my work and is aiming for new clients to come in.

The household chores also seemed to be never ending. I cannot empty our laundry basket because of the weather for the past weeks. I dread lunch and dinner because I could not think of any more dishes (that I can cook) that my family would love, especially the kids. And my list would go on and on.

Sometimes, I think, “what if I go back to work?”

Perhaps eight hours at the office would get my mind off from all these stuff, and I would even have office mates to chat things over during break time. I can still remember those “office days” that I would talk to people face to face and not just through Skype. Actually, we were restricted to use the Internet in the office not unless it’s for official business. By then we can visit links like www.giftslessordinary.com/sgcorp but not Facebook or any kind of social media platform.


Funny, because as soon as I thought of that “what if”, the other side of my brain would once again remind me of the perks I am getting from working from home! And all things will be on “reset” again. So, yes, I am just overwhelmed.

I’m gonna stop this rant now, and see what’s in the fridge. I’m probably just hungry, haha! “Oh, did you know that Gifts Less Ordinary recently launched their corporate gifting website in Singapore”?

You don’t have to be living in Singapore to get a hold of their items, just visit the site, Gifts Less Ordinary and you’re good to go.

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One thought on “When You’ve Got To Deal With Overwhelming Days”

  1. Muther!!! Ako naman, I’m preparing na myself to get back to work next year. As much as I would like to stay at home and focus on my kids, our bank account says to do otherwise. Kailangan na talaga. 🙁 Ngayon pa lang nagi-guilty na ako, imagine sulit na sulit ako ni Y tapos pagdating kay baby #2 magwowork na ako. I try to be positive na lang, para naman ito sa pamilya din, and honestly miss na miss ko na din ang corporate world.

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