DIY Nails for Better Time Management

As a busy event planner and host, my time is very valuable to me, but I have to look good when hosting events, so regular trips to the nail salon have been part of my weekly routine for a long time. But a turning point in how I became an advocate of do-it-yourself nail manicures was something that happened a few months back.

My newly polished and cleaned nails chipped off on the very night that I needed to be a host for an important event.  I got really stressed because it was only two days since I had a manicure, and not only were they chipped, but the color was also fading. I had no time to go to another nail salon because manicure sessions typically last for at least an hour. In short, I ended up having bare fingernails while hosting the event.

After that day, I promised myself that I would more carefully choose the nail products that I use so I wouldn’t have any problems in the future. I wanted to have well-groomed and well-polished fingernails. I started thinking of other nail product options so I would never experience that same nerve-wracking moment. It was really embarrassing, so I started some research on how one could achieve a nice and long-lasting nail polish manicure.  I started to ask nail salons and bars on what nail products they could recommend and other alternative solutions for a busy career woman like me.

My DIY solution

After doing some research I learned about the DIY gel polish manicures that are available by mail-order from which comes complete with a UV curing lamp to enable the nails to be dried in a very short time. On their website, they are marketed as long lasting and durable. I got really excited so I ordered a nail polish kit to see if they really are durable.

When I got the kit, I made my first attempt of using a gel nail polish. I noticed that the polish is more shiny than usual and the coat is thick enough to protect my nails from breaking and chipping. I was very happy because the gel nail polish lasts for two weeks – and sometimes even up to three weeks if you are careful – without even putting on any additional coats. The overall result is really great and my friends also noticed how nice my fingers look with it.

Regular savings

What made me happy about the kit is the UV lamp that usually costs a lot if you buy them in a regular beauty product shop. The UV lamp that comes with the nail polish kit is a big deal for me because of the savings I made on a tool that I would really use on a regular basis. Now, I’m doing my own manicures at home without spending a lot on nail salons and making regular savings.  Since doing my own manicures I’ve become more creative and innovative when it comes to fingernail fashion as well.

After using gel nail polish, I don’t think I would ever go back to using the acrylic type of nail polish. I’ve even arranged a few home manicure parties to share my home kit with friends and also encouraged them to try switching to gel polishes.

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