5 Jobs That Are Perfect For Eager Teens To Work

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to want to get their first job and earn some pocket money. After all, everyone needs to understand the basic rules of working and earning money. So what better time to do so than when you kids are teens. If they are keen to work, there are a variety of qualified and unqualified jobs that they could do, depending on their interests and abilities.  

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#1. Babysitting

Babysitting seems to be one of these typical jobs for quiet and mature teenage girls and boys who love children. You can find teen babysitters from as young as 14-year-old. And you’d be surprised to find out that babysitters can also teach you one thing or two about how to socialize your children. This teen babysitter has provided a guideline for parents to understand how babysitting works and how to deal with a babysitter appropriately. As she points out babysitters shouldn’t be expected to have medical knowledge or become a super nanny who can sort out difficult children. While babysitting is often a girls’ favorite, it’s above all a great way for teenagers to learn to handle children and develop confidence and authority.  

#2. Tutoring

For teens who are especially brilliant in specific subjects at school – maths remains a favorite – it’s always a good idea to provide tutoring support for younger children. This will help other children to understand difficult subjects and to be able to improve their grades. A lot of children struggle with their homework because they don’t have anybody else to ask for help at home. Working with a teen tutor can make a significant difference. Additionally, the teen will gain more confidence in their academic subjects and maybe develop a passion for teaching.

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#3. Counselling

When teens are already at university, they may come across things that they wished they had known before. Maybe they would have liked to receive better support in their choice of career at school? Or maybe they wanted to be part of an integrated community within their school? Whatever it is, studying for masters in school counseling can help your teen to find a way to impact positively on the school community. As a result, they can already start their practical studies by providing children with counseling services in schools.

#4. Helping seniors

In Columbia, a 50 Plus Center offers free tech workshop for seniors. But the teachers are teenagers – or even younger children – who share their expertise on how to use their favorite digital devices. From iPad to smartphones, seniors can discover a lot of new tricks on how to make the most of their devices, and teens can develop their self-confidence and their expertise during the process.


#5. Making coffee

Now, this might sound silly, but becoming a barista is one of the trendiest jobs for teens. With millions of coffee houses serving coffee every day, teen baristas can be trained on the spot, during the quiet hours of the day, to help serving lattes cappuccinos, and mochas to a variety of demanding customers. Most coffee houses accept teens from 16-year-old, with some exceptions where applicants can start at 14. It’s a great way to develop a team spirit and work collaboratively to satisfy customers.

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In conclusion, there are plenty of jobs for those who want to work. For teens who love children, babysitting or counseling are great options. Those who enjoy sharing knowledge will love tutoring or training seniors. Finally, those who want to work in offices will benefit from the team building lessons from coffee houses.

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