Home Improvements To Restore The Glory Of Your Fixer-Upper


So, you’ve bought a fixer-upper. Congratulations!


The bad news is that there’s a lot of hard work ahead. The good news is that you stand to generate a fantastic return on your investment. Moreover, it gives you a fantastic chance to create the home that you want without wasting money. Given that you’d have probably redecorated a perfectly fine property anyway, this has to be considered good news.


So, here are a dozen fixes and upgrades that you should incorporate over the coming weeks and months. Make sure you do, and the home and financial asset will look stronger than ever.


#1. Upgrade The Windows


A slightly rundown property will need a lot of work over the coming months. However, upgrading outdated structural facilities should be top of the agenda, and windows are one of the most common features.


Evolutions have seen the design and function of windows progress massively in recent times. Finding the latest double glazing facilities can give the home a far greater appearance. More importantly, though, it will keep the heat in with far greater efficiency. The safety and security of the property will see a major improvement also.


If you’re living near a road and privacy is an issue, you can use various translucent films to create a stunning aesthetic without blocking out the light.


#2. Repair The Roof


Improving the internal parts of the home is a little pointless if they aren’t protected by a supportive structure. The property surveys will hopefully have stopped you from buying one with issues to the foundations. Nevertheless, there’s a strong chance that your fixer-upper will require roof repairs.


The job type and severity will vary from property to property. Visit http://www.triumphroofing.net/ for further information on the possibilities. Whatever you do, this is one job where accuracy is key. Therefore, using that professional touch is always advised.


A superior roof will protect your family and the investment. Moreover, knowing that this aspect is in good health will put your mind at ease. What more could you want from an early home improvement?


#3. Attend To Plumbing, Gas & Electric

If you move into a home that hasn’t received the TLC it deserves for some years; it’s probable that boilers and other key items will need replacing. Or at the very least, they will require some attention.


Outdated boilers and plumbing can be a health hazard as well as a financial burden. Making those upgrades now will serve you well in the long run. Meanwhile, using smarter HVAC systems can actively reduce your long-term bills too.


Above all else, though, those elements need to be safe. Make sure that there are no leaks and that all cables are kept in a safe manner. After all, the potential fallout of ignoring those issues could bring catastrophe.


#4. Freshen Up The Walls


When it comes to sprucing up the appearance of a fixer-upper, even the small efforts can have a telling impact. When we enter a room, the color has a massive impact on our first impressions of the space. As such, injecting fresh energy to the walls should be one of the first tasks on your to-do list.


Whether painting the walls or using wallpaper isn’t overly important. Both jobs are relatively easy to complete on a DIY basis. Just remember that they need to be prepped before you get to work, and you cannot go far wrong.


A new color scheme sets the tone and atmosphere of the whole home. If nothing else, replacing the jaded looking paint jobs with fresh new energy brings the space into 2017. Given how cheap the task is to complete too, you’d be a fool to ignore it.


#5. Add Green Features


After moving into your new property, it’s not just a case of bringing up to today’s standards. In truth, your goal should be to build a home that will provide comfort and happiness for many years to come. With those long-term ambitions in mind, eco-friendly investments are essential.


Going green doesn’t necessarily involve adding solar roof panels. Learn more about water-saving toilets at http://www.remodelista.com/. Use these along with better dishwashers and washing machines to see a serious change. On a similar note, improving the water pressure to encourage more showers can have a telling impact.


Even the small ideas like switching to LED bulbs will soon generate a positive response. Make the home greener, and it will pay dividends for many years to come.


#6. Give Each Room A Purpose


The needs of the average family have changed significantly over the last 20 years. Therefore, your fixer-upper may be trapped in a time-warp where it simply doesn’t satisfy those demands. Altering a few rooms will soon change that.


Home office spaces have become a common requirement in recent times. Whether it’s the garage or the guest room, completing this transformation can be a winning idea. Not only will it add a sense of function for all the family, but it’ll often add serious value in the process.


This is the perfect time to look at loft and basement conversions too. You bought a fixer-upper partly to maximize financial potential. Those upgrades are the perfect way to achieve great results.


#7. Look For Potential Investments


If money wasn’t an issue, you probably wouldn’t have bought a fixer-upper in the first place. Therefore, any home improvement that can actively add value should be seen as a step in the right direction. That is, as long as it’ll improve your life too.


Extensions are a fantastic way to increase space while adding value. Or for a cheaper alternative, you could look at conservatories. Meanwhile, going open plan or adding a downstairs toilet can have a similar impact on your life and financial asset.


Essentially, it’s about thinking with your brain as well as your heart. As long as you make calculated decisions at all times, success is assured.


#8. Invest In Kerb Appeal


Your new property doesn’t start and end with the four walls. Therefore, attending to external matters is just as crucial. This is especially true when dealing with a fixer-upper, as those outside areas are likely to be in very poor condition.


First and foremost, all walls and guttering should be given a little TLC. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, it could prevent long-term damage. Meanwhile, simple items like a new doorbell can give the whole property a more homely vibe.


New gravel for the driveway, a few flowers, and general maintenance all help too. If it puts you in a brighter mood whenever you approach the home, those efforts are surely worthwhile.


#9. Perfect The Garden


Perfecting the front areas are one thing, but the backyard has the potential to change everything. When used effectively, this area adds a whole new dimension and creates ample opportunity for your entire family. You’d be a fool to skip this step.


Essentially, you want to give yourself a reason to use this space. Building a deck will provide that purpose, particularly when topped with rattan furniture. Of course, you may wish to invest in BBQ sets and hot tubs too. In truth, though, it’s all about personal preference.


If you are a little lazy when it comes to gardening, use an artificial lawn. The garden will look perfect all year long without the need for additional care.


#10. Make It Safe


Home should be your family’s castle. As such, safety should always be considered one of the most important aims for any homeowner. Some of the jobs above will increase the safety, but the fixer-upper will still require plenty more work.


If you have children, you’ll need to childproof it in an appropriate fashion. This can include socket covers, new flooring, and covering exposed dangers. Meanwhile, all new homeowners should think about pests and allergens. The likelihood of those negative influences being present is quite high. Do not ignore them.


A safe home is a happy home for everyone. Nothing else needs to be safe.


#11. Inject Personality


This might be your biggest financial investment. However, it’s primary job is to serve your family as a home. Therefore, creating a winning atmosphere means making it homely. Opting to replicate a showroom simply won’t suffice.


Artwork, souvenirs, and photos are easy additions. Meanwhile, you can get personalized canvas work at https://www.greatbigcanvas.com/. As well as your own memories, you can use sports and music memorabilia to generate those smiles. Likewise, houseplants and other decorative pieces can bring the whole thing to life.


When you buy a fixer-upper, you’re looking to make a house a home. If those subtle changes can make all the difference, you must embrace them with open arms.


#12. Add Security


Finally, it doesn’t make any sense to complete those transformations unless you can enjoy the benefits for the long haul. Therefore, it’s equally important that you battle back against the external threats as well as internal dangers. Protecting the property is essential.


Some of the above jobs, including upgraded windows, will certainly help. However, you should also add CCTV surveillance to keep an eye on things and gain evidence in the case of a burglary. Meanwhile, automated gates and motion-detecting lights can work as great deterrents too.


Additional ideas like joining the local neighborhood scheme are worthwhile. Ultimately, though, you need to focus primarily on your property. Without that security, it’ll never truly feel like home.

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