Birthday Ideas to Make Your Little One’s Day Extra Special

For adults, birthdays are often just another day of the year. You might go for a few drinks with your friends or a nice meal with your family and, if you’re lucky, you might even get the day off work to prepare properly. But for children, birthdays are one of the most exciting days of the year. For weeks coming up to the special day, they’ll remind you and everyone else they come into contact with that it is a certain number of days until their birthday.It is an extra special occasion, and we should treat it as such. Here are a few things you can prepare in the run-up to the big day.

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Okay, gifts aren’t everything. But they do play a large part in the festivities. They needn’t be extravagant or extortionately expensive. Most kids will be thrilled with near enough anything as long as it is thoughtful and wrapped up in a unique way. Half of the fun lies in opening the gifts, after all. Your kid may have hinted towards something in particular that they’d like. But if you’re struggling for ideas, there are a few failsafe presents that tend to go down a treat with little ones. Take collectible teddy bears. The teddy is an age-old classic: it is cute, soft and cuddly. Everything a child will want from a toy. High-quality, collectible teddy bears are a great investment too, as they will only accrue value over time. Another winning option could be a bicycle. Learning to ride a bike is a life skill that your child will benefit from hugely, and there’s a form of the cycle out there for most ages. Trikes and balance bikes are great for toddlers who are just learning how to get about. Standard bicycles with stabilizers are brilliant for beginners, and mountain bikes or BMXs tend to be top of the adventurous kid’s wish list.




Many people forget to decorate for their little one’s birthday, but it just makes the whole day that little bit more exciting. Hang birthday banners from the walls. These can be generic, bright streamers reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” or you could go a step further and make your own, personalized banner. Seeing their own name on the wall will add that extra touch of excitement. Blow up balloons and carefully attach them to door frames. Always try to get a large helium birthday balloon too.

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The Cake


The birthday cake is an essential part of any birthday celebration. The variety available is near enough endless. You could get creative and make the cake yourself, using bright icing sugars and piping for beautiful effects. If you aren’t much of a baker, you might prefer to go for a store bought option. These tend to have kids cartoon characters adorning them, so keep an eye out for your child’s favorite. Remember to check what flavor the cake is inside, to avoid disappointment if your little one bites into a cake that’s not quite to their taste. When it comes to presenting the cake, go all out. You should make a show of it. Light candles and get everyone in the room to join in singing happy birthday until your child blows the candles out and gets to make their birthday wish.

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