Preparing Your Little One For School

It’s always a scary time when your child is starting school. After all, they are not used to spending all day away from you. And it can be overwhelming for them being surrounded by other kids and learning all day! However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for your child if you prepare in advance. In fact, it can be a rewarding time for your youngster. Therefore, here are some ways you can prepare your little one for school.

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Start doing learning at home

Hopefully, you already do some form of learning at home with your youngster. But to ensure they are ready for school, you need to start increasing the amount you are doing. After all, it then won’t come as a sharp shock to your kid when they are learning all day while at school. It might be that you start practicing some counting in the morning. And then you can read a book together in the afternoon. Also, do more days out to museums and landmarks so they can learn more about history. And learning doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways you can make it fun, so they don’t start throwing a tantrum. In fact, you can look online for educational activities like lego math to make it fun for your kid. And giving them a boost now with their learning will ensure they have a head start at school!

Send them to kindergarten

A lot of mums make the error of not sending their youngster to pre-school. But if you do this, it will come as a sharp shock to them when they start school. After all, if they have not been in an environment where they are learning and away from you for longer periods, they might not settle into school very well. Therefore, to ensure they do make the transition well, try and send them to some form of an early learning centre for a year or so before they go to school. It will help them to learn basic skills which they will enhance when they go to school. And it’s a great way for them to start learning and communicating with other kids! You can start them once a week and then slowly increase a number of days to help them get used to it.

Surround them with other kids

It can be hard for your child to fit in with the other kids at school if they haven’t been around many other children aside from their siblings. Therefore, to ensure they make friends easily when they do get to school, arrange playdates a plenty. That way, they can socialize and play with the other children. And if you can get hold of any of the other moms whose children are going to be in your class, that would be even better. After all, you can arrange a playdate before they go to school. Then there will be a friendly face who has already communicated with your child.

And remember to keep your emotions under control. That way, it will be less stressful for your child if you don’t get upset on their first day.

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