Practical, Beautiful Home Upgrades To Consider This Year

Investing in your property is always money well spent. As well as being able to enjoy the benefits of improvements now, but if you come to sell later down the line you’ll find you’ve increased the value too. But home improvements don’t just have to be practical they can be beautiful too, and massively improve the way your home looks. Here are a few to consider.


Fixtures and Fittings

Your fixtures and fittings are a design element not to overlook. They can make your property look far more luxurious, and they help to tie everything together too. This includes things like door and drawer handles, plug sockets, light switches, bath taps, kitchen taps and curtain rails. Choose carefully, and ideally go for everything in the same colored metal. This will make everything look far more cohesive and well thought out,



For flooring, you want something that’s going to last well, as well as go with any decor changes over the years. Granite, marble and natural stone all make great hard wearing options for a downstairs space while looking fabulous. Wood is a perfect choice, hardwood will be the most expensive although engineered wood can also be a good option in some cases. You can always warm up the feel by adding underfloor heating. However, you will need to check that it’s compatible with the floor covering you have chosen as not every material is suitable. When it comes to the bedroom, thick carpets will be cozy and if you keep shoes downstairs will last for a long time. Wool is the most luxurious choice, this natural fiber makes for beautifully soft and expensive feeling carpet.

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Your lighting can help to tie the theme of your room together. Decide on the look you’re going for with the decor- vintage glam, industrial chic, scaled back and minimal? Choose a light fitting that follows this theme. There are other types of lighting you will need to consider around home as well. It could be underneath kitchen cupboards, in the pantry, integrated into fitted furniture in bedrooms. This helps to keep everything as convenient and practical as possible. We all know how impractical it is searching through cupboards in the dark, so this is a great option to consider.


Windows and Doors

High-quality windows are a worthwhile upgrade for any home. You can even get triple glazing these days which makes your home more energy efficient and saves on your fuel bills. Choosing the right front door should be taken seriously since this is one of the first things people will see when they come to your home. The way this looks can change the look of the outside of the house completely. Front doors don’t come cheap, but for both style and practical purposes are an upgrade to consider. Newer models will be far more secure giving you peace of mind with the safety of your property.
What home upgrades do you have on your list this year?

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