Make A Splash With Kid-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

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When you become a parent, you are acutely aware of the dangers in the home. Your once beautiful glass coffee table now looks like a sharp-edged baby-hurting tool. Your antique oak unit with all your ornaments is like something out of the Saw movies – dangerous for children! It’s like you can zone in on anything that could potentially hurt your child and your brain is immediately thinking of all the ways you can make each room in the house safe. Given that the living room, nursery, and kitchen are the three main places you and your children will be in the house, they’re naturally the first places you make as child-friendly as possible. The bathroom is usually the last room in the house that gets upgraded, mainly because it’s the place you wash and use the toilet, so you don’t exactly hang out in there all that often.

Except that you do. With your kids. Every time you need the toilet, you bring the baby, and probably the toddler. You also likely have a rule about leaving the bathroom door ajar or even open, meaning the family dog comes to join in with potty time and it becomes a bathroom party! Take a look at your bathroom; how small is it? Before you had a family, you probably didn’t think much about the size of it as it was just the two of you using it for showers and teeth brushing and you probably didn’t imagine how it would need to change or adapt to suit children in the family. So, the real question is how you can upgrade your bathroom to make it more child-friendly? With these amazing tips, you can have a family bathroom that’s safe and modern.

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  1. Add more. The first thing you can do to make your bathroom more family friendly is to add another bathroom purely for you and your partner to use without child intervention. That may not be a possibility, but a small en-suite may be a great way to have somewhere to relax in a bath without the rubber ducks on the side. Sharing a bathroom with the little ones in your life can really test your patience and a fully separate bathroom that is child-free is one that every couple could use.
  2. Installing an extra sink. Side-by-side sinks are an amazing time saver in the mornings when you have children. Everyone can get ready at the same time and have easy access to more sink space. Having your plumbing realigned in the family bathroom to lower the sinks to a child’s level is also an option, but if not invest in a step or two so the little ones can reach the taps.
  3. Storage. Bathrooms are notoriously awful for storage – or the lack of it! Having a new vanity unit or store cupboard installed for all the extra towels, bath mats, and bath toys is a smart decision and one you wouldn’t regret. Bath toys and toiletries for children can overtake your bathroom in a way you wouldn’t anticipate. They seem to breed, but with extra storage, you can keep your bathroom tidy and your sanity intact.

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4. Open shelves. Having extra storage is one thing, but having storage with open shelving like these vanity units will make it easier for older children to be a little more independent with their hygiene. Use this space to hold their towels and flannels so they can be within easy reach after bath time.

5. Showers. A handheld shower head would be hugely beneficial in a bathroom where children are being washed daily. The versatility of a shower head you can move around means you can work around the children playing with the bubbles and still give them a scrub.

6. Shower screen. A shower screen is a popular item if you have a shower over the bath rather than an independent cubicle, but it’s not particularly practical. A shower curtain is far more manageable and gives you better access to the entire bath without a screen digging into your side.

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7. Hanging space. Nearly every single bathroom in the world has a towel rail for wet towels to dry off. Swapping this for personalized hanging hooks instead will mean the whole family can hang their own towel on their hook. This way, there’s never a need for readjusting towels that are screwed up and hung incorrectly when everyone can learn to do it themselves.

8. Wall tiles. Swapping wallpaper or paint for the floor to ceiling wall tiles is one of the best decisions you can make for your bathroom. You never have to worry about steam or water splashback harming your décor if all you need is a squeegee to clear it off.

9. Non-slip tiles. On the subject of tiling, going for a non-slip option like these can make such a difference. It’s great to have non-slip mats in the bath or rugs on the floor but they can get sodden pretty quickly in a family bathroom. Tiling that stays safe is the way to go.

10. Lighting. For sensory purposes, investing in light bulbs that are a lower wattage in your bathroom will really help with the bedtime routine. Calming lighting can help soothe children right before bedtime, rather than harsh, bright lights that can excite.

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11. Towel warmer. For a tiny bit of luxury, invest in a towel warmer. Children getting out of the bath and straight into a warm, soft towel are less likely to freak out over the end of bath time. These should be mounted out of the way so that no one can accidentally grab a rail and burn themselves, so be mindful of this.

Your bathroom can be one of the most fun rooms in the house, with a little forward thinking. Tailoring the bathroom to the needs of your children is the best way for everyone to safely enjoy the room and use it correctly. Bath time can be difficult enough but with a few adjustments, your home can be fluid in its modernity.

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