Cool as a Cucumber: Fight Back Against Muggy Nights!


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Laying star shape on the bed- hot, bothered and unable to sleep. We’ve all been in this position at one time or another during a heat wave! Since the body has to drop in temperature to initiate sleep, when our surroundings are too warm it can hugely impact our ability to drift off, plus it’s uncomfortable too. With summer on the way, here are some things to bear in mind for those warm nights.

Have Air Conditioning Installed

If you live in a warmer climate (or even a country that just has warm summers), air conditioning is a worthwhile upgrade to make on your home. Not only will it make it more valuable if you sell later down the line, but it’s practical too. Companies like Farnen & Dermer offer units at low prices so it doesn’t need to be a home renovation that breaks the bank. No more hot and sticky nights when it’s warm- instead you can keep the room at the perfect temperature.

Use Stand and Ceiling Fans

If air conditioning isn’t an option, maybe due to cost or because you’re renting, fans are the next best thing. While they won’t cool the room nearly as much as air con, they’re certainly better than nothing at all. Place the fan at the head end of the bed, keeping your head cool will help to cool the rest of your body more effectively.

Get a Cool (Not Cold) Bath Before Bed

On a hot night, it’s tempting to jump straight into a cold bath or shower. However, this can cause the body to heat up faster when you’re back out. What you need to do is soak in a cool bath, just below body temperature. This can help to reduce your overall body temperature and keep it lower for longer. This can keep you cool as you drift off to sleep.

Chill Your Sheets

It sounds unusual but it’s a great way to keep cool on warm nights. Put your sheets into a plastic bag and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. While the relief is only temporary as they will quickly warm your body, again it could be enough to help you get to sleep once you climb into bed.

Ditch Your Duvet

Duvets are for chilly evenings, and have no place on the bed when it’s sweltering outside! Use a thin blanket or even sheets instead which give you the feeling of being covered over but without trapping body heat. At the very least, you should switch out your standard duvet to a lighter one designed for summer if you can’t sleep without one.

Wear Suitable Nightwear

It might make sense to not wear a stitch in bed when it’s warm at night, but actually, this can make you more uncomfortable. Your skin sticking to itself is never pleasant, instead, go with cool and breathable light nightwear. This will help to absorb any excess sweat and providing it’s not heavy shouldn’t make you any warmer. If you find that you’re still sticking to yourself, try dusting a layer of baby powder over your body before bed.

Credit: Pexels

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