A Sea Of Possibilities: Advice For My Kids

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When people ask me for advice on something, I try to be as thoughtful as possible before I give my answer, no matter how small it is. If I was to give advice to my children about something much more important, like how to live life, well, I have thought long and hard about this for a lot longer, because we all want our kids to live their lives to the fullest. So if I ever need to give definite advice to one of my kids, here’s what I will say…

Work Smart, Don’t Work Hard

This doesn’t mean I’m condoning laziness! A lot of people work their tail off, and they have nothing to show for it, which is why, if my kids are studying and they are struggling with a subject, then I make them talk it through, or look at it from another angle. Or just to move on and come back to it later, so they can do their other studies in the meantime instead of just staying stuck for hours on end.

Do What Makes You Happy, Not What Makes Others Happy

So many people go into careers because it’s what their parents wanted them to do, so they became lawyers or accountants, and while they have money, are they really happy? I don’t think so.  Parents want their child to pick a college closer to home, and what if the course they want to do isn’t anywhere nearby? That’s not how to pick a college! You need to encourage your child to follow their dreams. Robin Williams’ father, when he learnt that his son wanted to be an actor, said “fine, but you need something to fall back onto” and so Robin Williams trained as a welder too. Aiming low shouldn’t be on anyone’s radar, especially not your kids!

Make The Most Of Your Relationships With People

We all look at our phones too much, being on “social” media. There’s nothing wrong with it, but when I see my kids all looking at their tablets or smartphones and have barely spoken to each other all night, it makes me concerned. So that’s why I encourage phones to stay away from the dinner table, and they are banned a couple of hours before bedtime. People spend most of their time staring down instead of up, and what is it doing to us? It’s not making us use our minds the way they were meant to. Have you heard of phubbing? It’s a cross between phone and snubbing, and it’s something we all do now, look at our phones instead of speaking to one another, and it’s not doing anyone any favors.  We need to spend more time communicating properly if you ask me.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

We worry ourselves silly over the most pointless things in life. Why? We don’t need to, and social media has caused this in a lot of kids. But everything in life has a second chance. If we fail at something, we just get back up again. Simple!  

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