Keeping Your Child From Going Wild During School Break

The school holidays are here and that either means you’re going to feel more or less stressed than ever. On the one hand, you don’t have to worry about helping to prepare your children for school each day and scoot them out of the door, but on the other hand, you now have a bored, hyperactive and near-insane kid on your hands; or perhaps more than one kid. The thought of one or two weeks dealing with a child who’s slowly going insane through boredom is enough to drive you, as a parent, insane.

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The solution to keeping your child from going wild (in the worst possible way) during their school break is to strive to keep them entertained. You’ve got to encourage them to keep doing things to keep their mind alive and active, which will hopefully make them far less restless and likely to be over-active in a frustrated manner. If you’re no idea where to begin with keeping your little one entertained over the holidays and ensuring that their brain remains alerted and focused, then here are some tips to keep your child from going wild during the school break.

Bake with your child.

Baking is a great activity on so many levels. Not only are you doing something fun and educational which results in a tasty treat once you’re finished, but you’re doing something with your child, and this is the most important thing of all. Spending time with your little one might be all they need to have a good time and keep from going crazy. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t invite some of their school friends along to join in with the fun; as long as they’re coming to bake and play with your child, rather than simply gobble up the delicious cake or dessert-based treat at the end of the process.

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Keep them active.

This could entail so many things, but what it doesn’t entail is your child running around the house like a lunatic. You could enroll them in a class for football, tennis or some other sport they enjoy. Perhaps you could even look into ride on toys, such as a bike or a rocking horse which could keep your child entertained on those boring, long days of their school break.

Better yet, when you encourage your little one to get involved with such activities, they won’t even realize they’re exercising and being kept healthy through doing so. Sneaky. The key to helping your child avoid going wild, then, is to make sure they’re keeping themselves active without driving you or themselves crazy. It’s about keeping their mind balanced and ensuring they’re not bored during the holiday.

A family trip to the zoo.

Nothing beats a good trip to the zoo with the family. Once again, whilst your little one is having fun seeing all the cute animals and spending some time with the whole family, they won’t even realize that they’re involved in an educational experience and are probably learning far more about animals and life in the wild than they would in school. Of course, this will be far more interesting for them than school.

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