Finally, Our Quest To A Better Sleep

We lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment for ten years so imagine how excited we were when we moved to a two-bedroom house two years ago. We’re getting a mattress of our own! Finally, the husband and I would be able to stretch our feet without kicking the kids. Co-sleeping with our three children in one bed really took its toll on us for quite a while. You know, the grumpiness, body ache, and joint pains every single morning. It was when we realized that getting enough sleep, oh wait, not just enough, but the kind of deep and relaxing sleep is very important.

The Art of Getting Enough Sleep

How many hours of sleep do you have you of the nights? We all know that the ideal number should be eight, but if you would ask moms like me, there’s a fat chance! Most of us would have answered six, four or even less! Factors like work, children, everyday worries, snoring spouses, and outside noises interfere with a proper night’s sleep and it’s taking a toll on our bodies, brains, and faces.

What we do not know is that SLEEP itself can alleviate if not prevent all that.

Sleep is life-changing. As we sleep, our body administer hormones that curb appetite and metabolism. Growth hormones were released and it rejuvenates our mind and body.

These facts urged me to search high and low for the perfect mattress.

The husband and I were both clueless when we are asked if we want a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. I don’t fully trust the sales representative’s explanation about the two so, I consulted Google instead. I am more than glad to share with you what I have discovered about the differences between memory foam and latex mattresses.

Memory Foam

We have an amazing advanced technology today and just when I thought this memory foam is another kind of innovation, I was wrong. It has been around in the middle of 1960 and was originally made for NASA’s airplane seats because of its softness.

Made from different chemicals and mixed all together, memory foam creates a perfect, molding substance. Initially, you will be attracted to its initial pressure relief. It’s an unusual sensation to feel memory foam forming closely to the body. However, because we live in a tropical climate, I find it too hot to sleep on. Why? Due to a chemical reaction triggered by trapped body heat, the memory foam changes its shape. Heat trapped beneath the sleeper causes the foam to conform to body shape.
I mentioned earlier that memory foam is made of chemicals mixed together, that should explain the strong chemical smell you’ll notice once you unwrap it. That’s why you need to expose it to the air for about 24 hours before sleeping on it.

Latex Mattresses

As an alternative to spring or traditional mattress, latex mattresses were invented around 1950. If compared to memory foam, these are known for durability, natural, and eco-friendly but aren’t known for comfort.

One major thing that turned me off from looking into more details about this kind of mattress was its cost. Because of its material— natural latex rubber, an expensive source as I have read, the cost of a single latex mattress will eat up your wallet

You know how frugal I am!

The Bottom Line

It’s good to know the differences between memory foam and latex mattresses. Albeit the pros and cons, the decision really depends on the person who will sleep on it. Though we were not able to buy any of these and ended up buying the traditional spring bed out of a tight budget, we will surely consider it in the future.

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