Home Or Homely?

What is the difference between the house that you live in, and it being an actual home for you and your family? Well, there are a lot of things that can make your property more homely, and one of the most important of these are personalized decorations. So to help you get your home decor more personalized below is a roundup of all the current trend in this area. Including some that you have had a go at yourself!


Chicken wire frame


The first one is something that you purchase on handmade sites such as Etsy, or you can have a go at yourself. It’s an old frame with the back removed, and chicken wire, the silver stuff,  fixed to the back.
You can cover the wooden frame part with chalk paint too to fit in with your decor. Then buy some mini pegs, and you can use it to display family photos, art that you all like, or even as a notice board.

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Probably the most traditional form of personalized home decoration, the family portrait, has been around a long while. But you don’t all have to get dressed up in your Sunday best anymore to take one. In fact, lots of folks favor a more informal portrait, where everyone is wearing similar casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt in matching colors.

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Good photographers will suggest clever ways of getting you to relax like making you all run to the camera at the same time. Or catching you interacting with one another naturally. So your picture doesn’t seem to staged. You can even include your pets like dogs too if you choose. As, after all, they are part of the family too!

Get your prints in black and white for maximum effect, and hang with pride above you mantle piece.

Your kid’s art on the walls

Whether they go to nursery or school it pretty likely that a few times a week at least the kids will bring home some of the mini masterpieces that they have creating during art time. The problem is, where you can display, or even keep these, without your home becoming overrun with children’s paintings?

But help is at hand because a fabulous idea for creating awesome personalized art for your walls is to use a collage of your kid’s painting and drawings.

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To do this just get a paper punch, any design will do like a circle or butterfly, and a good quality frame with some backing paper. Then punch shapes from the most interesting part of your kid’s work and stick them to the backing paper in horizontal lines.

It’s easy, it’s sentimental and its look great.

3D Craft Letters

Another personalized home decoration that you can create, if you are feeling a little crafty, is craft letters. These are 3D craft cardboard letters that you can paint or cover in any way you like.

The great thing about these is that you can choose any medium from paint to fabric to decorate them with. So you can be 100 % sure they will fit in with your decor.

In particular, a very popular medium for this task is decoupage. Which is where you use glossy, highly patterned tissue paper, and special glue to cover and varnish the shape, at the same time.

Another great things about these craft letters are that they are easily accessible from most art shops as well as being inexpensive. So you can easily keep adding to your collection as your family grows.

Circus letters

Letters are super on trend right now in home decor, and it’s not just the craft one that are popular. You can also get your family’s first initials, or your surname initial made up as a circus light.

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These area metal letters with low watt bulbs fixed to them, so they light up when plugged in. They are a super stylish way or personalizing your home and make a great addition to your atmosphere lighting as well.

Some folks choose to combine their surname initial with other shapes like arrows and ‘&’ signs too. So don’t think you are just limited to the letters in your names.

It’s really up to you how you use them in your home. But the work especially well with that rustic industrial look that is bang on trend at the moment.

Birth dates decor

Something that you can do if you have kids that are very persona is to set up a display of clocks on the wall. But take out the batteries and set the time to when each child was born. You can even add a wooden name tag that you can create yourself under watch clock, so they don’t get mixed up.

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Marriage date print

Or if you are looking for a personalized touch to celebrate your marriage then what about getting a print to display in your bedroom?

You can get word prints with the date, time and place of your wedding. Or you can get map prints with pins in the precise location where you got married, it is entirely up to you.

Soundwave picture

Now we all have a mobile phone with us all the time, we have the ability to make videos and record audio very easily. This works brilliantly when you want to add a personalized touch to your home because you will already have a lot of media to draw from.

For example, there is a current trend for producing canvases with visualized soundwaves on. That means you can get the moment when you said ‘I do,’ ‘I love you,’ or when Baby first learned to say ‘Mom’ turned into a piece of art for you home.

The real benefit of this is that is it’s super personal, but you don’t have to tell anyone else what is says if you don’t want to. It looks amazingly futuristic and cool too!


Custom family illustration


Now, if you are an arty person, you might want to have a go at this suggestion yourself. But if not then there are plenty of professional illustrators that are set up to do a custom illustration for you.


You can go portrait style. But something that is often more fun in to have something stylized made like a simple cartoon or objects that you feel represent your family.


Custom model family display


Keeping with the fun theme you can also create a customized 3D model of your family to display on a bookshelf, office desk or even in your kid’s bedrooms.


One way of doing this is is to commission some personalized bobbleheads of each member of your family, which can be very realistic as well as fun. Now some folks get concerned about the costs that it would take to get so many done, but some companies offer all custom bobbleheads with 25% off. So it’s worth shopping around before you commit.


Another way of making a 3D personalized model of the family is to use Lego minifigures to do it. Now, if you haven’t seen any Lego for a while, you might not realize how customized you get the figures to be. There are so many different hairstyles, bodies, and faces to buy, that you are bound to find something that is pretty close to each member of your clan.


Wooden hearts plaque


Or if you prefer something that is a bit more classically personalized then how about creating a simple wooden heart plaque to hang in the kitchen. All you need is a large wooden heart, and as many small ones as there are family members. You can buy the ready painted white ones here.


Then drill a small hole in the top of each one. Thread it with rustic looking twine and tie in a bow. Once that’s completed,  all you need to do is take a paintbrush and paint, or a Sharpy if you’d rather. Then write your surname on the large heart, and everyone ‘s individual names on the small ones.

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It’s super easy to do, and you can do them for friend’s homes as well, as they make a thoughtful but inexpensive gift.

Holiday destinations frames

Now, something that has the air of personalization about it, but isn’t so directly linked to family members is to make a display of holiday frames. If you have enough, you can even get that fashionable gallery wall look.

To start, to write down all the places that you have visited together as a couple or family. Then look for posters, prints or maps of these places.

There are quite a few graphic designers on Etsy that produce item like this. Especially of popular holidays destinations like Lake Lausanne or large cities such as new York, Paris, and Berlin.

You can also look at antique fairs and on auction sites to build your collection. In particular, these places are good for locating antique maps and the like.

Or, even better, keep your eyes peeled for something suitable while you are actually on holiday next time. It can become a fun game for you and the kids, adding an even another layer to the personalization and memories associated with it.

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