2016: The Year That Was

Time check: 2 am

And it’s happening again!

My internet connection is getting slow… slow… slow…

Grrr.. slow internet connection

It mostly happens during month-end. And when I call my Internet Service Provider (Globe) to ask why this is happening, they would say I almost consumed all my allotted bandwidth for the month.

Then, there’s nothing more I can do but to wait for it to be reset on the first day of the month.

Rant ends here.

* * *

Oh, and speaking of month end, can you believe the first month of 2017 is about to end?! Time flies and still my plan of a blog make-over and revival sits on my to-do list.


Perhaps I should type away my thoughts while I’m waiting for my client’s social media accounts to load.

* * *

2016 was a mixed of ups and downs for me and my family.

By the month of April, we moved to a new home, a condo-type apartment near our kid’s previous school so naturally, they transferred back to Lord’s Jewels Christian School. They loved it there before and they were not the only one happy to come back, but their teachers and classmates as well. I’ll tell you more stories about their school experiences some other time.

Moving to a new home means a fresh start.

But it doesn’t mean everything will fall into place, in fact, almost everything fell out of place when we moved. I can even say that it was the lowest point of my life. No one would notice though because I am not the type of person who would air dirty laundry in public particularly in social media.

We surpassed it, though we learned our lesson the hard way. You know how?



One thing that I can personally attest is that a child’s prayer is the most powerful prayer God can hear. We’ve got three kids, remember, so you can just imagine how loud it was for Him not to hear it.

We faced the rest of 2016 with the strongest armor we have and we’ve been blessed.

So, that was our ups and downs.

grownup kids

I shared a mini blog post on my Instagram account (feel free to follow, okay?) about our kids because I just can’t help it. When you’re a mom and you look into your child/children’s photos almost all grown up you’ll feel very emotional, yes?


The Internet seems to be working finally so I’ll hit “publish” now. Will try to make another entry soon. Promise!

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