Get Out There! Explore The Great Outdoors With Your Family

The period after Christmas and before spring begins often tends to feel a little bleak. Temperatures are still cold, the nights and mornings are still depressingly dark, and you don’t even have any Christmas presents to look forward to. It’s easy to let yourself and your family fall into a gloomy slump – but there are ways that you can get outdoors with your family, even in the winter…


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Use Your Back Yard

If you don’t feel like going far – or if you’re snowed in and you don’t particularly feel like digging your car out of what looks like half of Elsa’s frozen castle – then you can always go to explore your back yard. Although you spend a lot of time out there in the summer, it’s truly a completely different place in the winter. The wildlife is different, and your younger kids will love observing the frozen ground, different varieties of birds and the frost on the grass. When it snows, get out there for a snowball fight and to make snow angels.

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Wrap Up Warm

Of course, before you go outside in the winter it’s absolutely crucial to wrap up warm. If you have to persuade your kids to go outside, you don’t want them to have any “But last time you made me do this, I got pneumonia and had to go to hospital for a week” ammunition for the next time you want to force them to go outside and breathe some clean fresh air. Make sure that your whole family is wearing layers of clothing – these trap warm air between them, keeping you warmer than one thick huge sweater – along with warm coats, gloves and mittens, scarves and hats, which are especially important as a lot of body heat escapes through the head. Make sure that you get good quality warm clothes for your kids – Baby Moncler is particularly good for active children.

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Go Hiking

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to keep walking. Not only will it provide you with fresh air and exercise – and the endorphins that go alongside it – but you’ll also be able to spend some quality time together as a family. Put away the electronics so you can have some great conversations with each other.


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Get A Dog

Admittedly, the idea of getting a dog is kind of a big deal – and obviously you shouldn’t get a dog just because you want to encourage your kids to leave the house once in a while during the winter. After all, a dog is for life, not making sure that your kids don’t get a vitamin D deficiency in winter. But if you’ve been considering it for a while, then now you could consider rescuing a dog. Make sure that you have a rota to ensure that everyone in your house pulls their weight and takes care of your new pup – and then you can make the most of taking it for walks together. All your family will want to spend time with your new addition, so you might just find that your recalcitrant teens spend a lot less time in their rooms than usual!

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