When Writing Is Your Passion, You Can Earn From It

I’ve been working from home since 2010 and while others have been posting their companies’ Christmas Parties, here I am, still hustling with only eight days before Christmas. To be honest, this is the time when I missed working in the corporate world. You know those Christmas presentations, exchange gifts with colleagues,13th-month pay, and Christmas bonus!

But, no regrets because there are still a lot of things that I am thankful for being able to work from home and to earn through online writing.

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By this time, there are people who could still not fully decipher how writers online like me earn.    It’s funny because I can see their facial reactions and disbelief when I tell them that I am not a professional writer and that I don’t even write for magazines and other publications, yet I claimed to earn from it.

On the other hand, I have friends and relatives who voiced out their interest to try their luck and delve into the world of writers online. I aim to give back the skills and knowledge that I acquired in my six years of working from home so instead of answering their personal messages and phone calls, I decided to spill the beans here.

Let’s start with a question and answer format, shall we?

Q: How did you start writing online?

A: I started writing online through blogging. Initially, I have three blogs but this is the only blog that I maintain right now because of my busy schedule. I started on a free platform (blogger.com) until I decided to level up my blog. I bought my own domain and moved from free to paid platform (wordpress.org).

Top Tip: If you think that maintaining a blog is a handful for you but, you still want to showcase your writing online, social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have features wherein you can write articles with topics based on your interest. Your writing can be seen by your friends or if you set it on a public, you will have a big chance to get it into more people’s feeds.

Q: How do you earn by writing on your blog?

A: I earn through writing paid-post and advertisements on my blog. These are the reasons why I shifted from free to paid platform. However, not all blogs can be easily monetized. A blogger should be keen on updating their blogs. Writing regular posts is a must so people can see that the blog is well maintained and cared for by the owner. It is also imperative so that followers and readers will continue to patronize your blog.

Q: Are you a professional writer? 

A: I am not. I am a graduate of Business Administration and I did not take any formal writing lessons. Though I used to work in a print and publishing company before becoming a writer online, I have never written an article in printed materials.

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Q: So, how do you earn? Considering you are an unprofessional writer online?

A: In this day and age, where people can choose to read articles or any kind of writings from everywhere and at any given time, anyone who has a passion for writing can earn from it. It’s as simple as this: you typed into Google Search, looked for tips on how to write online, and tada! You were led to this blog.

I have helped a couple of startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses to get their products and services right into their target market’s plate by writing articles that are related to their niches. To become an effective and reliable writer online, gaining a professional degree is not the main factor (though it is a major plus!). For me, as long as the passion in writing is there, and the initiative to learn new trends are enough to be a successful writer online.


There are people who remain skeptical on how I earn through writing online but I just shrugged off my shoulders at them. I wouldn’t be writing this post if I am just bluffing. For six years and counting, I don’t think I will be working back to the corporate world ever again as long as there are people who read blogs, articles, write-ups and news online.

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