Homework Help: The Dos And Don’ts Of Helping Your Child Study


We all want our kids to do well at school. And one of the best ways of giving them a little helping hand is to encourage them to study at home and do their homework. Unfortunately, most kids won’t be as keen as their parents are about finishing homework. So what happens if getting your child to do their homework turns into a nightly battle? Here are my dos and don’ts of helping kids study at home. Hopefully, they will make things a little easier on both of you.

Don’t Push A Struggling Child

All kids will develop at different speeds. And this also includes education. Some children will find their schoolwork fairly easy and won’t need much help from you with their homework. However, this won’t be the case for children who struggle with academic work. But if your child is struggling at school, you shouldn’t try and push them too hard at home. This will be very frustrating for them and could give them a very negative impression of school and studying. Instead, find some extra resources that could help to support their learning, such as the reading resources from BookPagez.com.


Do Create A Homework Schedule

Your child will probably have a lot of other after-school activities as well as all that homework. To make sure that their time is well managed and that they have plenty of time left over for studying, it is important that you create a schedule. You should also include breaks for TV and playing games into this schedule. Setting periods for homework helps children understand that there are certain times when the TV will be switched off, and they are expected to do their homework.

Don’t Leave It All To The Last Minute

No matter how busy you all are with other things, your child shouldn’t leave any of their homework to the last minute. If they do, they will only end up rushing it and not doing a very good job of it. It could also result in a lot of stress for them. You will also feel extremely stressed if they refuse to do it! So make sure that your child has plenty of time to do their homework at their own pace. You can create a schedule using Google Calendar: google.com/calendar


Do Praise Your Child

You may feel that you are simply doing your child a favor by helping them with their homework. However, some studies show that you are doing a lot more than that. In fact, these studies show that children perform a lot better when they have an adult helping them out with homework. And that’s all because of the praise you give. Be sure to give your child plenty of praise when they do well, and it will encourage them to keep on going. You can cheer them on for working for thirty minutes uninterrupted or getting the answer to a difficult math problem. All this praise is super important and will help your child succeed in their whole school life!

Homework hell? Hopefully, not anymore!

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