Common Sleep Issues Kids Suffer From and What to Do About Them

Parenting isn’t always easy. There are a lot of common issues that stop kids sleeping all the way through the night.  Some children buck again having a regular bedtime. Others refuse to sleep even when they are in bed claimed to be the best mattress for kids. Other still, go off to sleep, and then regularly wake through the night, disturbing their siblings and parents. But what can be done about this?


The first step in resolving this behavior is to identify the problem that your child is having.

Some kids are walking through the night because of teething. That is when their teeth are coming through, and the pain disturbs their sleep.

There are things that you can do to reduce their suffering and promote a better night’s rest. Use a teething ring or toy. This is a rubber toy that provides relief from teething when it is chewed. They are not expensive and can help baby to get through a difficult patch.

There are also teething gels or creams, which are applied directly to the gums. These help to numb the affected areas, so it is not so painful for Baby. Less pain for them equals more sleep for you.


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Another common problem with younger children is that they cannot bear to go to bed when it’s still light outside. They will argue that it is still daytime and that they are not tired, even if they have been nodding off on the sofa for the last 30 minutes!

A way to deal with this is to keep their room as dark as possible at bedtime. You can use special blinds to keep out any stray light from outside.  These are known as blackouts and you can buy some here.

You can also use an item like the grow clock, which helps them to realize what time is scheduled for sleep and when they can get up in the morning.


Next, sometimes kids won’t sleep because of a more serious issue such as illness. If can be very tough as a parent to tell the difference between when they genuinely feel ill and when they are playing it up for attention.

Always listen to your children, but be consistent with them and if you are not certain that they are ill, don’t let them break their bedtime routine.

It can be useful to have an electronic ear thermometer to hand. This will allow you to take their temperature to get an accurate assessment of whether anything more serious is going on.

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Of course, kids sometimes refuse to sleep because they are testing their boundaries. If you think this is the case then gentle, but consistent reinforcement of your expectation can work well.

For example, if your child gets out of bed and come to find you when they should be sleeping. Gently guide them back into the room, Put them in bed, tell them you love them and then leave. Repeat this for as many time as they get up during the night. While it seems repetitive, it is reinforcing the behavior that you expect in a positive way.

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