Thank Goodness It’s August

I am thankful not because August is my birth month and our  wedding anniversary month but because July especially the second half of it was a chaotic one. I actually had to take a deep breath (and I think you should too) as I recall what happened in the last two weeks. Here it goes:

On the 3rd week of July, it was my three-grade schooler’s first Mastery Test. If you have been reading my blog, you’ll know how I dread those days. Most of my fellow mom bloggers also rant about how hard it is to help kids in reviewing their lessons. Now, come to think of it, I have three! Three different lessons each subject and three kids with the different approach when it comes to studying.

One thing the kids and I have in common when I was still studying is the ability to wake up at wee hours to review. It may seem like cramming but I think it’s not when they come home and show me good grades. I find this setup effective compared to us reviewing few days before their exams.

Oh, and by the way, the husband was also out of town during this ordeal.

After their exams, the fourth week of July was full of school activities. My daughter enumerated me all the events she will be joining and I just snapped. Honestly, I felt guilty when I told my second daughter to please stop joining any more acts. I took it back after a few hours of breathing in and breathing out. The next time I knew, I was searching the Internet for possible words used during a Spelling Bee Contest!

Spelling Bee Contest
There’s my daughter in her “de quatro” pose.
Spelling Bee Contest
She got the 4th Place. Still a great job!


Still within that week, my daughter told me that they will be needing their costume for their cultural dance. I told her I still have the “baro’t saya” they used before but she insisted that they would be needing a red floral skirt for that. I didn’t believed her at first but when I showed it to her teacher, she said the skirt is more on the green shade and that my daughter will be far different from the group. At the corner of my eyes, I saw her gave me the “I told yah” look. To cut the long story short, I still bought her a new one. Here she is during their “Subli Dance”.

Subli Dance

My eldest son, on the other hand, told me that he and his friend will be joining “Junior Master Chef”. What should a mom do if she has active kids in school? But of course, no matter how tiring it seems, I have to support them.

So off I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients they will be needing for the cooking contest. Here’s my unico hijo in action:

Junior Master Chef Contest in school
My son in his black bandana because he forgot his hair net.

But wait! There’s more.

Come Friday and it was their Nutrition Month Celebration. They contributed P50 each for their nutritious food. On top of that, my two daughters were asked to bring fruits that they would be sharing with their classmates. Initially, I thought of buying apples and then slicing them into cubes and be placed on plastic cups. But then my mom had a greater idea. We used Fruit Cocktails instead! Not bad and both my daughter’s teachers loved the idea of a non-messy fruit dish for their Nutrition Month celebration.

Nutrition Month Celebration
My second daughter’s class.

My son was asked to bring two gallons of mineral water for their “sago’t gulaman”. Oh, and his teacher gave me the last minute notice that he will be the escort for that day. He was supposed to wear a costume, a native one (white shirt and red pants) but since it was a last minute notice, he just wore pants and polo. No photo to share because none of my kids want to pose for the camera.

Nutrition Month Celebration
There’s my youngest daughter with a blue hanky.



So glad it’s over.

And now I am anticipating more busy weeks ahead as I read what’s written on their class diaries.

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