Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

The summer holidays can seem very long if you don’t pre-plan some activities to keep your kids entertained. Left to their own devices they can become bored and destructive. But the summer is the perfect time to get them outside and meeting new experiences and people. Make the most of their time off; they don’t stay children forever!

Explore Somewhere New

The summer holidays are a perfect time to play a day trip somewhere you haven’t been to before. Beach or activity holidays are great to wear the kids out, with plenty to keep everyone entertained. Pack sensibly and do some pre-planning so that you know what to do when you get there. Look online for deals for the closest attractions, and encourage your children to read and relax during down time.

If a vacation is out of the question, there are plenty of day trip opportunities available. Simply pack a picnic and some games and head to the nearest park. Getting out of the house and your immediate environment can provide a distraction from children getting bored.

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Organize a Football Tournament

Involve other parents and organize a sports tournament for all your children. Use a park or neighbor’s large garden and make sure there are lots of refreshments on hand. Give out Premier Trophies to all the kids to keep them motivated, and focus on the taking part rather than strict competition. The exercise will do them all good, and they will learn precious social skills.

A Trip To The Library

The importance of reading in children’s upbringing cannot be stressed enough. It improves their development and provides them with new words and experiences. Some libraries do summer schemes encouraging the kids to try new books and genres. If you local library doesn’t, set your own challenges and goals for them to reach. Whether it’s so many pages a day or trying a different type of book, it will encourage them to read more and give you some quiet time!

Head To The Cinema

If the weather isn’t cooperating, taking the kids to a cinema or theater can be a great way of getting out of the house. Try watching something a bit different to normal, but don’t choose any films or shows that are too long. Provide your snacks to cut down on costs, and invite other families and friends along to make a day of it.

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A Family Day

Make the most of their time off school by inviting the rest of the family round. A big BBQ is relatively easy to make on mass and provide games and activities for children and adults. Family bonding is an important part of life, so make sure your children get to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones.

A Zoo Trip

Visiting a safari park or zoo can be educational and fun. Teach your children the different animals and where they are from, explain the importance of protecting our wildlife and explain why the animals are there. Take your lunch, as cafes, can be expensive when you get in. And make sure your children behave themselves and don’t become too unruly.

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