When To See A Neurologist

Whether you have issues with headaches or pain in the neck that doesn’t seem to go away, a visit to a neurologist might be in order. This is a doctor who can examine and diagnose conditions that are related to the brain, spine and other areas of the nervous system. An MRI might be required in order to determine what is going on in the body for the doctor to begin treatment.

One of the reasons why you might want to see a Cy-Fair neurology office is if you have experienced frequent episodes of dizziness. It could be something as simple as the blood sugar being too low, or it could be something as severe as a tumor that is pressing on the spinal cord or an area of the brain. Vertigo is a condition where you feel like you are spinning in circles, which is something that can be treated with medication.

Most people get headaches at some point. If you experience dizziness, vomiting and other abnormalities with your headaches, then it could be something that is more severe, warranting a trip to a doctor to determine the cause of your headaches.

Pay attention to any numbness that you might experience in the extremities. This could be from poor circulation, but it could also be from conditions associated with the spine and nervous system. Some people will experience tingling sensations, especially in the legs and hands if they are anxious. If you have any of these feelings without being in a stressful situation or after you have eaten, then consider seeing a neurologist.

Tremors are an indication that there could be something wrong with the brain or the nervous system itself. Parkinson’s disease is a condition where the muscles in the body will involuntarily move, appearing to shake. This is a condition that will get worse as one age, but it can be managed with medications. A lack of coordination is another reason to see a neurologist. If you notice any kind of uncontrolled movement in the neck or other areas of the body, similar to a seizure, then you need to be examined.

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