Child Safety Tips During Home Renovation

Every now and then you want to switch things up around the house. Whether you’re tired of the way it looks, a part of the home is no longer functional, or you’re looking to improve the overall property value, getting a home renovation done by professional contractors is the way to go. With home renovations come a lot of decisions and of course – staying on budget. However, more important is the safety of your children.
When you’re dealing with younger kids, keeping them out of harm’s way should be a top priority. Below, are five suggestions on how you can accomplish this:

Set Clear Rules

So let’s say you were able to find a contractor today that was willing to come out to the home and get started in the next few weeks. You’re going to need to lay down some ground rules to keep the kids out of the way. Prior to the contractor’s arrival, you should make your kids aware that there will be people renovating the home and that they are to stay away from the work area and avoiding running so they don’t get hurt.

Create an Alternate Space

If you’re getting an area of your home renovated that is frequently visited by the kids, you’re going to want to create an alternate space for them. For instance, if you’re renovating their room, you’ll need to create a space in the home where they can sleep and play. Try to make the space as accommodating as possible so that the kids do not feel tempted to go into the renovated areas of the home.

Clearly Block Off Forbidden Areas

While the construction crew may have their own barriers, it is imperative that these are clear for the children to understand – especially if you’re dealing with very young children. Try to block off the areas that are under renovation to prevent them from getting hurt. Put up caution tape, child safety gates, or even place a piece of furniture in front of the entryway when the workers are not there so the kids stay away.
There is going to be a lot of activity in your home over the next few weeks as renovations are under way. It is very important that your children understand the dangers that are in the home. Communicate with the contractor to find out if they have any other safety rules they might advise so that you and your family can remain safe while your home is being transformed.

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